Help - Can't stop obsessing - Could I be pregnant?

I had unprotected sex on the 1 June – my period was due on the 8/9/10 of June (my cycle has been a bit all over the place so I am just not exactly sure). On the 4th June I had a very light show of blood in my urine. The following day there was nothing. Then on 6 and 7 June I had heavier bleeding – not as much as a normal period – in fact not enough to fill even a normal sanitary pad for the whole day. On the 8 and 9 the bleeding had almost stopped and it was merely spotting – yet I was having cramp like feelings. I was also feeling incredibly nauseous and had pains in both my lower back and upper back and occasionally period like cramping. I took a test yesterday morning and it was negative. I am still spotting today and have an uncomfortable feeling in my lower back and stomach – It’s almost a pressure like feeling in my stomach. Normally at the end of my period I feel like I have more energy but I seem to feel so tired now. I’m also getting strange hot flashes through the day. I would be so grateful if anyone could let me know whether they think my symptoms point to pregnancy. Also how long should I wait until testing again? I am afraid to get my hopes up that I could be pregnant particularly as the bleeding could have been my period.

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  • It would be way to early to test. Wait a week and if you have still not had a "normal period" then re test, if it is negative then I would say that you are not pregnant. Get a good quality home test like clear blue and test first thing in the morning, dont waste your money all week buying tests as it will cost a fortune, trust me I have done it. Good luck.

  • Thank you for your response - yes I am very tempted to run and buy a test for every morning of this week - this waiting is awful - it's just I'm not sure now whether I'm imagining all the symptoms that I'm having!

  • Id wait until your next period, I'm currently in the same position (didnt have unprotected sex) and doctor said to wait and then try again. As it'd be too early for a positive results

  • Thanks for your response - I'll try and have the patience to wait :)

  • its way to early, u need to give it a week or so, and I will be honest the feelings of nausea and back ache I would be super surprised if u wud get them after a week after unprotected sex.

  • My cousin did with this pregnancy and she just knew (it's her 3rd child).

  • I am 41, my last period was 30th May. I am feeling Sick, got no appetite, head and back ache. So confused my lastFull term pregnancy was 22 years ago. Me and my partner have been together 5 years, I had a miscarriage 4 years ago and we had given up hope, these past 12 days have been so stressful dont want to take pt as I dont want to be disapponted. Help.

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