Girl's name settled on :)

I think we are having a girl, the husband is convinced we are having a girl but hopefully we will find out at the 20 week scan in 3 weeks (eeek).

My family know what the first name will be (it's of Danish origin) and my dad looked at me as if I had two heads lol "is that even a name?" he asked lol God knows what he will be like with the middle name we have chosen which means different things on different sites - some sites even say it appears to have evolved from other names.

I have an Irish name (my mum is Irish, dad is English) and although it's popular in Ireland, it only really became known outside of Ireland in the early 90's. Back in the early 70's is was virtually unknown and I believe I was the first person in the IoM to be registered with my name. My paternal granddad had to carry my name around on a piece of paper for weeks with how it was spelt and how it was pronounced in case anyone asked him :p - I can see this happening with my dad now too :D

Well, I might disclose the name when we find out what we are having, I just don't want people to put me off it though - it's such a personal thing this child naming :)

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  • Absolutely! No name will be liked by everyone an as long as you are happy with it that's perfect. I told my parents our choice if it is a boy (I'm 25 weeks and we chose not to find out the sex) and they think it is awful! But to be honest I dont like the name they chose for me, lol, so we clearly don't agree on what is a nice name or not. We won't be telling anyone else our name choices. Someone is going to dislike the name whatever. Im sure the name you have chosen is lovely and you mustn't let anyone put you off. It is absolutely up to you xx

  • We have not told the first name to anyone (not event to the parents - we call it our family surprise). The funny part was that i was very excited about the middle name (which is the name of my late Nana) and wanted to share it with my mom, she was pleasantly surprised that we decided to name our girl also on Nana (my husband is named after his maternal grand-dad too).

    I am sure they would not be too glad on the first name, but me and husband love it and the full name of the baby, makes such a beautiful meaning (the first and the second name can infact be combined together to make a meaningful sentence :) but that is what we discovered later)

  • U know what ur so right people really try and put u off its annoying I'm curious to what ur name is thou :) x

  • There is a crazy Irish singer with a shaven head that brought my name into prominence outside of Ireland ;)

    I hated my name until I was about 16; it was just too unusual back then but now, I love it x

  • a name is a very personal thing and I would never stick my nose up at someones choice of name for their child as it means something to them, my parents have asked but they would never try and say oh I don't like that name, as the amount of time over the years I have had to correct people over my name its pronounced Kerry but I have the welsh version ceri so people call me cherry or seri lol. on the other hand my boyfriends mum who is very religious is coming out with names that I don't want or are just not for me (mainly religious names) joseph, john etc which I don't have a prob with but they r not for me and when we said we like rory or joss (we r having a boy) she wasn't too keen but as my boyfriend said it had nothing to do with her. I think naming a child is very personal to the individuals involved and a beautiful part about having a child, I like something short and sweet but not too common and not ridiculously outrageous but just when he goes to school he wont be in a class of 20 and he wont be one of eight that have the same name. xx

  • I dont know what it is about boys names but I always know someone who has got a dog called it. I think boys names are so hard to come up with than girls.

  • I agree. A woman I work with recently had a boy; she named him Harry. It made me chuckle, not because I dislike Harry, it's ok (however wouldn't be my choice) but because another woman we work with got a puppy a few weeks before. And his name? Yup, Harry :P

  • I have a terrible disease called 'Foot in Mouth Syndrome'. If I'm not telling someone that I wouldn't get married in a certain registry office because it's grim (to find out he married there), I'm telling a boss that I was relieved that my sister had a boy as I hated the two names she had short listed for a girl. Yes, you guessed it, both her daughters were called these names. Open...swallow...ground... ooooooops *shaking head* o.O

  • before we knew the sex we decided on Catherine for a middle name for a girl (after his mum) and James for the middle name for a boy (after my brother). We were pretty much decided on Ashlea for a girl and Ewan for a boy, half an hour before the gender scan my OH turned round and said "Babe i need to be honest, i dont like Ashlea" (i had chose it to be fair i really liked it) he suggested "Isobel" very nice name but my friend had a baby the week before and her middle name was Isobel, anyway pointless conversation as we are having a boy so definately Ewan James unless something amazing jumps put at us, all the family seem to like it, my OH and i only have 1 brother each and i feel a bit mean on his brother as our baby will only ever have 2 uncles and feel like im leaving his brother out so theres a chance we may yet have a Ewan James David

    x x x

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