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Does the mini pill affect milk supply if breast feeding?

My son is just 5wks old, and I visited the doctors on monday about my continued blood loss, they said all looked fine and that it was just my cycle starting, so put me on the mini pill as I am exclusively breastfeeding. Been on it for 5 days now and o am sure my milk supply is decreasing, baby used to have milk on his cheeks etc when he pulled away but now nothing, my breasts used to feel full before each feeding time, now they just feel soft and I'm not able to express much at all, 50ml from both if I'm lucky, before I could get 180ml.

Has anyone else experienced our knows about this, or is it just coincidence? Not sure whether to stop taking it.

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Hiya.The mini pill is prescribed to mums for this reason.. it does not affect your milk supply. It does change the taste of the milk but does not harm your baby.. Make sure you eat a lot of healthy meals during the day and keep hydrated as this could be a reason for low milk supply.i've been breastfeeding my son (9years ago) for nearly two years as i had loads of milk and i was on mini pill then.i couldnt stop boy was so greedy...wouldnt drink from the bottle and used my breast as a dummy.the only thing i liked was not having period all that time.i know everyone is different so maybe ask your health visitor about it.also check on the internet what food is best to eat as that could help ad well.i remember i ate so healthy like never before(zero sweets,spicy food,fizzy drinks,no coffee or tea,etc).x


Hi Neska, thanks for your answer. I am drinking plenty and am eating pretty well, I am snacking as well, but haven't changed anything in the last few days, yet I have struggled to muster any milk for him at all today. Luckily I had expressed milk in the fridge I could use, but that has gone now and I've not been able to express more than 50ml today, so I really don't know what to do. It's the only think I can think of as I have read that the mini pill shouldn't be taken before 8wks post partum, and I was only 4 and a half when told to start it, I'm only 5 and a half now. X


Maybe you just dont have enough milk then for some your dr or health visitor tomorrow.i know few of my friends had to stop as had similar problem.i'm sorry i cant help you with this :(


Thank you Neska, I really appreciate the advice, will contact my hv tomorrow and what she says. Cx


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