Lord have mercy!!!

Well i aint been on here for a while as ive been on what feels like my death bed! Ive been off work for a week as ive been vomiting everything (and i mean everything) i eat, headache almost like a migrane, feeling weak and hardly going to the bathroom to wee, maybe only once a day bi have no pains in my bladder, i just feel sick as a dog. Nothing except water is staying down, but i am trying to drink as much as i can but its a struggle. I just feel weak and tired. I went doctors (useless and waste of my time) and condidering its my 3rd pregnancy (2 midcarrages) i would of thought they would keep an eye on me. Instead the doctor just palmed me off to the chemist prescribing me tablets for uti infection. My results came back from the urine test i had and it was good no sign of infection. The doctor didnt even examine me properly or anything!

Also since conceiving, me and the other half havent been intimate. Ive gone off it like its the plauge! I feel sorry for him as you know what men are like! But also i just feel like im not doing my duties! He understands and tells me its ok as he understands, but i get all emotional about it.

Im only going on to my 7th week and i feel terrible. My boyfriend says maybe this is a sign that this pregnancy will be successful, i guess thats one way of making me feel better!

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  • Awwwwh! Bless u. I totally understand your grief about your G.P not taking the time to examine you as i also have a useless doctor. Personally i've now stopped myself going to there as often due to my disapointment.

    I'm glad to know you got some good news about your urine test sample being all-clear :-)

    Have you tried visiting a local NHS Urgent care surgery ? I have a few in my area & i find myself happy to go there for a 2nd medical opinion as most of the time i get someone who is willing to listen & correctly diagonose my problem (if any).

    I hope you feel better soon though, hopefully "just like your other half said" this could be the successful one for you. xx

  • No i havent done the nhs urgent care surgery, ill look into thst. Tbh ive never heard of it but thanks for letting me know :) and thanks for the support xx

  • I'd Go back and see a different dr if ur still the same next week especially if u can only keep water down.. I'm not surprised you don't feel like sex I wouldn't either feeling like that hopefully ur feel better by twelve weeks and get ur mojo back ; )

  • It judt makes me not want to go doctors as they dont even take the time to notice or take into consideration of the patients. Ill see if i can see another GP though xx

  • Oh Hun sounds bad feeling for you. Sounds like you have caught a nasty virus and along with pregnancy symptoms makes it twenty times worse. :-( when I was around 11 weeks with my daughter it was really bad had a family death and the anxiety and nerves just made everything worse.the doctor gave me a tablet that dissolves under your tongue to trigger a reaction to stop the vomiting. I still felt like crap but the being sick was giving such bad stomach ache rib ache and back ache. Maybe if you went to see a different doctor or walk in centre they can sympathise more than the doc who seen you. As for doing your duties lol feeling like you have there's no wonder your off. But it will come back and I'm sure you'll make the most of it xx

  • Tell me about it! My stomach is still aching from being sick. Im getting better, not being dick as often now more like once a day so hoprfully its getting better now. Ill be glad when 12 weeks are up! Xx

  • Oops i meant sick!

  • Lol oops xx

  • Aww im very pleased for you! Well done :) xx

  • You might have hyperemesis gravidarum which is severe pregnancy sickness. GPs are quite badly educated about this condition which is why your doctor was so rubbish. There are numerous safe anti sickness medications that you can be prescribed, and it is a serious condition that requires treatment. If you become too dehydrated you will need fluid replacement by intravenous drip, you'll need to be in hospital for this. You can admit yourself by A&E but it's better if your doctor refers you directly to a maternity hospital. For information see pregnancysicknesssupport.or... and pregnancysicknesssos.co.uk. The charity Pregnancy Sickness Support have a national support network where they can assign you a volunteer to help you.

  • This is intresting, i shall have a read about this. Thank you for the details xx

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