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During Labour Clothes

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Do we need to buy such kind of thing during labour or the hospital gives you hospital clothes?


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a nightie is probably best , they need a lot of access and u want to b comfortable , I ended up in a vest when I had my son .

Hey, I got a few things in primark, not maternity clothes but very big sizes. I've heard can get ruined so wanted cheap. They sell dark, loose pj trousers n shorts n vests, which i got to be comfy in earlier labour. But main thing I got for actual birth, in case I don't get my water birth, was a shirt style nighty so loose n cool and can unbutton after for skin to skin. Can't remember exactly, but was only about a fiver. Good luck!

I think there's no need. Once you go into hospital, when one of the midwifes on duty have deterimined your in established labour she'll or another member of staff will give you a hospital gown. Its designed with no back coverage as they'll be needing to get access to you regularly.

Once you've given birth to your child you could then be offered a chance to have a shower and change into your own garment.


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Only buying pyjamas would be enough? If they give hospotal clothes during labour it will be good.

I gave birth in my bra for first as we didn't even get the bag out of the boot of the car until after he was born, we didn;t even excpect to stay in and then when were in I didn't want my husband to leave me. I think I was starkers for my 2nd as I literally had to get winched out the birthing pool onto the bed by about 10 midwifes.

After a normal vaginal birth how many days do they keep you in hospital?

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If you and baby feel ok and both healthy a few hours thats wha my midwife told me and thats what am hoping for

Don't buy anything nice... I used a old nightie, I'm gutted I got rid after my second. I've just picked out my oldest one and I'm using that this time. I bought a nice one for when I'm on the antenatal ward xx

The hospital can give you one of their gowns but its up to you...like Merida said a cheap nightie from primark would be good :)

Or use what you already have and buy new pjs/ nighties for afterwards. You bleed quite heavily for a while afterwards (like a very heavy period, not to scare anyone) so everything ends up a bit yucky. Get lots and lots of maternity pads too. Good luck ladies. X

I wear beach clothes 😁. Should be in the sale now, lightweight and quick drying if you want a water birth.

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