Dry & brittle hair :-(

hi all,

Im 17wks pregnant & my hair & certain parts of my skin have started to feel extermely dry. Ive never really suffered with dandruff & i also moisturise my skin as much as i can with cocca butter "at least every other day.

I also use a rich hair oil which ive never had any problems with (as ive used it for years)

With this being my 2nd pregnancy im a Lil confused as i dont remember suffering like this (espcially this early on). The best thing about it is the fact i haven't develop a rash or anything it just feels as if something is deliberately tickling my skin and head

I probably wouldnt be so concerned if it didnt cause me to itch my head or skin constantly (also a bit embrassing when out & about)

Has anyone else suffered or is suffering with this at the moment, I'd love to hear your advise. :-)



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10 Replies

  • I'd mention this to your midwife, especially since this is new for you and different to your previous pregnancy, just in case she wants to order any bloodwork. I know dry hair and skin can be a symptom of hypothyroidism, though obviously it could be any number of other things or nothing at all, and I'm not a doctor, so if your medical peeps are happy don't let me panic you. If it turns out this is just an annoying cosmetic problem you could try conditioner-only washing. It takes a few days, but can really help, especially if you have curly hair. If you google it, you'll find instructions easily.

  • Thanks for your reply carren,

    Im not sure if its worth mentioning to my community midwife just yet as i said i dont have any obvious signs on my body to it "its just very annoying" & for sure at times worse by night :-(

    I definetely try changing my hair washing method as that could be playin a Lil part in the itching & dryness of hair. I just hope it calm throughout the pregnancy. xx

  • I had quite a dry scalp and skin and don't usually. I had to change my shampoo to not scented, like imple and olive il shampoo and died down a lot, and just moisturising my face, again with non-scented stuff, i use moltoun brown n kept it ok. Worth a try, the shampoo definitely made a huge difference, can see you already use moisturiser. My hairdresser said it's quite common

  • Thanks, just out of interest did you suffer with this during one of your pass pregnancies & if so what was the gender of your child.


  • Is my first and don't know the gender, sorry. due any day now so will post when I find out! :D

  • I see, arrrh your 1st baby thats nice.


    Sorry to be nosey its just some of those article i read online about some of your pregnancy symptoms can determined the sex of a unborn child (usually all a bunch of crap though) :-)

  • Not nosey at all :) you never know, is all good fun!

  • more shampoo more oil and more cocoa butter -this too shall pass honey :)

  • I hope so, not so much more shampoo though as im willing to try washing hair "at least" every 4- 5 wks now.

    xx :-)

  • that might be a problem - I am finding dandruff to be out if I am sticking to my twice a week schedule of hair-wash atleast if I go longer than that i get the flakes back :) (use the shower in the sink ;) )

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