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Hi I did a pregnancy test which came bk positive  I went to the doctors to get it confirmed and there test said positive too  they sent me for a scan so they could date me as I on cerezzette and dont have periods. I have been for the scan but they said they couldnt see any sign of pregnancy. They said it may be to early to scan.and I was to do another test in a couple of weeks. I did another one today and it said positive. I keep feeling sick amd have gone off tea and have sore breasts. Can someone help I am really confused. Am I pregnant or not? ? Xx


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  • How long ago was your scan? I'd take my positive test back to ur dr and explain the scan and go from there could be too early from 6 weeks should see a sac from 7 a little pole and heartbeat x

  • Scan was a week ago. Xx

  • Hiya, have you ever heard of chemical pregnancy? Maybe that is what you have had but without any bleeding yet as you were on the cerezzette pill. I take it that you stopped the pill as soon as you had your positive test thats maybe why you are having sore breast and feeling abit sick from coming off the pill. Or maybe it was just way to early for them to pick anything up on the scan, was it an internal scan? Bet you are so confused. Did your doc take any bloods to measure your hcg levels, if they decrease then I would defo say chemical pregnancy but if they increase then you are pregnant, bloods are the only way that you are going to know for sure.

  • No they never did bloods. Yes stopped taking it. I am so confused I feel so different in myself. All I want to do is sleep. Iv never heard of chemical pregnancy. Xx

  • Google it. I think I had one in Dec when I got caught on the pill, I started spotting through my 2nd pack so went to the GP as I had run out and told her I was spotting and she asked me to do a test before I started on the Cerezzette and it was positive 2-3weeks which worked out perfect to the time I messed up on the pill, I was in shock, a few days later I started bleeding, it took 8 weeks to get a negative test.

    Ring your GP tomorrow and ask them to take bloods off you and tell them what has happened and you want to know if your hcg levels are increasing and they will probably ask you back in a weeks time to test again as they should have trebbled if you are pregnant mine went up from 2000 to 20,000 in a week.

    After I had my mc in Dec it took 8 weeks to get a negative pregnancy test

  • Ok thank you. Xx

  • I hate the term 'chemical pregnancy', it describes a very early miscarriage and I think 'chemical pregnancy ' title does a massive disservice to the person involved, as it implies something completely different - that you were never pregnant and it was 'just' a hormonal blip! There then usually follows a lack of appropriate psychological support and understanding...

    Sorry - post-long day on call random rant over! ;-)

  • Its ok :-) is that what u think this is then x

  • It's impossible to say - it might simply be too early to see anything on a dating scan, especially if it's impossible to work out your dates. A serum beta-hCG may help with a rough estimation of dates (blood test for pregnancy). X

  • Thats what im hoping :-) xx

  • Keeping everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank you. Xx

  • Well you have all the signs of pregnancy :-) tiredness, sore breasts, feeling strange. Hope it works out for you :-)

  • Thanks I hope so to. Had bit of bleeding this morningvwhich iv been told is normal. Xx

  • I had bleeding at around 8 weeks - apparently it is the baby burrowing into the womb. Havent had any since but it was scary at the time. I went to A&E and had an anxious 24 hours as the scan dept wasnt open at weekends and I had to wat until the next day...they scanned me, told me I was earlier than I had initially thought and then explained the bleed. I think its a good sign as its planting itself firmly into the womb which is good :-)

  • How long does it last xx

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