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36 weeks tomorrow!

So I cant contain my excitement any longer & have decided to post a little blog :).

Tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant and I must say im not sure how I feel. I am so relieved to have made it to this stage as my first pregnancy I laboured at 31 weeks! My son, Mason had a hard time in NICU for 5 weeks and he now suffers from multiple medical conditions, he is my little hero.

When I found out I was pregnant back last year, the first thing that came into my mind was getting by 31 weeks, I have achieved that & more! My biggest goal for this pregnancy is getting to see & hold my precious baby after birth, I really hope everything continues to go smoothly and I get this opportunity, I need that skin to skin that I sadly missed out on with little Mason.

I have also decided to try breast feeding this time, which I am really nervous about! I did express milk for Mason after 10 days of birth, but by this time it was too late & I couldn't keep up with him and eventually my milk dried up, but that 6 days of milk that he got from me is when he improved most! I feel I owe it to this baby to try harder, I wish I knew then what I do now.

I have SPD which is getting worse and the fact that Mason is not mobile at 2 years old is not so easy with a massive bump!

We choose not to find out the sex, so that is something else we are really excited about! I am mostly organised, except from my washing cupboard. If I go into labour before I have gutted that cupboard im afraid I will be in there having contractions and tidying it out at the same time.

Im so excited for labour and to meet our new little baby :D I bet I go overdue this time ;).

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You're due at almost the same time as me! (I was 36 weeks yesterday). Gosh, you must have been relieved to get over the 31 week mark. I am also planning to try breast feeding, but I've had friends who, like you, had problems on the supply front. The whole thing doesn't sound easy! We are having a boy. Your reference to the washing cupboard reminded me that we need to wash all his clothes etc this weekend, just in case! All the best xx


Good luck, not long to go now x. X


Ah hope it all goes how u want it too xx


Ah congratulations bet you are so excited to meet your little one.

I am going to give breast feeding a go too but like you are abit nervous about it working as my first time trying it was not successful and I didn't even get a chance with my 2nd as I had to go down to surgery after I had him and was gone for a while so my husband had already given him a bottle on the ward but I was relieved actually as it was a traumatic delivery and day. Good luck it will fly by now, just look after yourself.


Orrr that's great uv made it past 31 weeks iv got my fingers and toes crossed for you that you get the delivery you want! :)


HOORAY 36 weeks!!! You did it!!

I am hoping the same for you and me.... lovely labours which end in immediate skin to skin and celebration (no special care!!!)



thank you everyone! hope all goes well :) xxx


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