Braxton hicks!

Well last night I hardly slept because for hours and hours I was having braxton hicks with lower backache, in the end they were coming every few minutes and I had to get up and move around, and I had to keep weeing! I had some light cramps in my lady parts, eventually I fell back on sleep at six am, so far this morning I have had a coupe of braxton hicks, so question is, is this normal at this stage 34 weeks on Tuesday?

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Yes At 34wks this does sound pretty normal, but it also sounds as if your son could be ready to come a Lil earlier than expected.

Neverless im sure he'll be fine. The hospital may want to keep you there a few more days but at 34wks the baby is fully developed all his vital organs to be fine.


Yep that's what I think I'm going to do :) mind you I'm not that active lately anyway lol.

Braxton hicks should not be 'regular'. There are reports of people getting them from first trimester, and obviously much more common in 3rd trimester. Make sure you're well hydrated (can help terminate them - BH is far more common at night as we all try to limit what we drink in the evening so we don't have to get up and pee every three hours!!). Given you are 34 weeks and experiencing regular, rhythmical contractions I would call ahead and pop to your hospital maternity triage - not because you will deliver imminently, but so they are prepared on the off chance that you do. I'm assuming the contractions themselves are not painful - if they are, it is much less likely to be BH...

The one thing I remember being told by an obs SpR during my training, and openly laughing at them, is that BH contractions are not noticeable during exercise, where are real ones are - can you tell that SpR was male!!! His chances of getting fat, sleep deprived, irritable, hormonal women to run on the spot would be, I assume, minimal!!!

Thanks dr fluffy :) I'm going to call them in a bit after breakfast. I seem to be getting them wether I'm resting or moving! But not painful but just a bit uncomfortable :)

Drinking water, I drank a litre of water throughout the night as I was sooo thirsty.

I will keep you all updated :)

ohhhh sounds like things are starting as well as having lower back ache exciting, i thought i was having regular BH at 32 weeks with my daughter but they were contractions! cant wait to hear what they say good luck :) :)

Hey babe - I'm the same and have been for a few weeks. I don't think anything is starting for you unless you can literally time when the next one is going to come. Mine have started to get a bit uncomfortable (feel stronger) since I was 34 weeks. xx

Hey, thanks for asking this, I've had the same. Now 36 weeks and coming stronger and sometimes for quite a long time. Part of me's hoping it means the baby might be getting organised so a little early! Don't think it works that way though. A little frustrating as part of me keeps thinking it could be early labour although not regular, keeps you on your toes!!!

Defiantly see the doctor or midwife Hun you don't want them to be early labour pains. However its really not long for either of us right now 6 week count down whoop. When did that happen? When I did my hospital tour I was having Braxton hicks I think it was due to anxiety being in the place where I'm going to give birth :-) not had any since thank god. I'm hoping my little peanut comes early I want to know what I'm having xx

How exciting, have you had a show or any pinkey discharge yet?? I was like amandaja5 I thought mine were braxton hicks but were contractions and had my son at 36 weeks.

Hi ladies, the braxton hicks has calmed down during today, instead my feet have decided to swell up a bit,and I'm not able to walk far as I ave a pressure ache in my lady bits! Discharge is more noticeable but not lot! I reckon little man is practising for his big day, will see what happens tonight :)

I am 28/4 and spent yesterday in the maternity ward as I had been having BH for 24 hours and was getting awful lower back pain with them. I was monitored and my uterus was showing contractions but luckily cervix was soft but closed- they did the early labour test but this was negative too - phew so given Buscopan and diagnosed with irritable uterus and told to rest. Always worth getting these things checked out xx

I had this around 20 weeks, very horrible, it was because I had a kidney infection:(

Get better soon :)

Thank u hun xxx

I also had excessive leakage but they have done a further test for an infection xx

Hi Skyblueboston,

I'm 36 weeks on Thurs and haven't experienced this. I only seem to get Braxton Hicks while exercising (by which I mean light exercise - i.e. walking up the hill towards the train station); I don't get them while resting at all. I would get it checked out, in case it does indicate that your little guy is on his way! :) xx

I'm 36w and I had this for over 24 hours, so we took a trip to the delivery suite on Tuesday, was hooked upto a machine to check on baby and my niggles. All is fine, just baby pushing down and getting himself ready. My bump is huge, he's measuring off the 90th centile and is estimated to be 8.2pounds now. I'm quite petite, so petrified I won't be able to cope! Hope u are ok x

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