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When is it the right time to tell the family?

I am wondering how to handle it this time.

In my first pregnancy we told everyone at wk 8 and unfortunately i had a MC at wk 11, so it was rather sad for everyone, my family and his family too.

The second time, we waited to have the 12 wk scan and when we had the pretty picture in hand , we told everyone. we had an amnio done after and the results were ok, and my little girl came in December.

Now, its the third time, and Im in wk 8 and want to shout it out to absolutely everyone I know :) but the father is more rational about it and wants to wait. Not for the first scan at 12 wks , but he wants to wait for the results of the amnio which will probably be at wk 20! I am not sure I can keep my mouth shut for that long.

some ideas, please!!

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congrats on ur pregnancy, i am 21+3 with my first, I waited till about 12 weeks to tell our immediate family (mum, dad, sis and my best friend) and i told aunts etc in my own time after by about 16 weeks, I work in a company with about 3000 people so I still go to work and people are like I didn't kno u were pregnant as I now am in my maternity uniform, my boyfriend didn't tell his mates till about 17 weeks as was worried bout something going wrong but to be honest as long as u feel happy and comfortable to tell anyone its a personal choice whenever u feel comfortable. why don't u meet in the middle, 16 weeks? x



I know its wise to wait, but its just difficult!!

maybe I have to wait until after the first scan results..


i know its hard and for me who has the biggest mouth and cant keep a secret i think i did quite well, i probably would of waited a bit longer to tell my family but i had to tell them as was meant to be going for a curry and in early pregnancy i felt awful so i had to tell them the real reason why i couldn't come. i know a month is a way to wait but take it week by week!! x


I'm waiting until my first scan on Friday to tell my family. Like you, my friend told everyone in early pregnancy and then she sadly had a mc. She said it was the hardest thing in the world to tell people that she lost the baby. See if you can keep it to yourself a little while longer. I hope everything goes well for you. xx


I think whenever you and your partner decide to tell, is right. I dont think there is a wrong time, go with what you feel happiest with, and good luck with the pregnancy!


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