Big scare!

So after my misscarriage ive been in hospital for a week now im sick of being in here. There was a scare that i might not be able to have kids... Well ive had tests adter tests and its confirmed that i am able to have kids im so flippin happy. Gonna give it a few months and then start trying again hope all you lovely mummys are doing well and thankyou for all your support!

Hannah & Martin <3

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Must of been a really worrying time for you, look after yourself...go on a lovely holiday, relax and take your time to heal properly so your body is strong. Tc of yourself x

I hope you are recovering well now and still taking it easy, you will need some good rest. Also glad to hear that you can still have more children. :)

I had a m/c 3 weeks ago. It was awful as I was away for the weekend and on my way home when it happened. I'm also hoping to try again in a couple of months. Was so looking forward to giving my 2yr old son a little brother or sister. Fingers crossed for next time though and good luck to you too xx

Hi Hun, so pleased your ok :)

So pleased to hear that, and at least they've been thorough, although I sympathise with being in hospital because I couldn't wait to get home when I was in. Take care and good luck for the future. Cx

Pleased to hear that your doing ok I would rest up for a few days maybe take a holiday to relax even if its just a weekend away take care and I wish you both the best of luck for the future

Glad you are o.k. As babymother said, go book a holiday if you can and spend sometime together. Take care

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