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Fibromyalgia please help

hi i will start with: my name is jason i am a 19 year old from australia and have has these symptoms since i was 17 i started having dull lower back pain in 2013 i went to a bone specialist had scans went to my gp had blood tests to rule out cancer arthritis and many other problems but nothing showed up. a year later pain got worst and half way through 2014 my pain was in my lower back,feet, toes,elbows,hands,fingers,neck to my head, shoulders,wrists,the muscle along my arm,knees. i also had real mild fatigue and me and my nan had concern i had fibromyalgia because her friend shared the symptoms but people disagreed because it was more a woman illness and older peoples illness so i gave up on that diagnosis so i thought what is it then so about 8 months later i went to a rheumatologist and the first visit he said i had it so i was relieved!! also i developed clinical depression which is another story my gp told me i will improve that i can get over it well 5 months later the pain went away to the point i couldn't feel it i could only feel dull pain in my lower back like when i first got fibromyalgia so i thought yay its gone which sadly i was wrong 2 months ago it didn't come on slowly like it first did, it just hit me real hard that fatigue i had that was real mild turned to chronic fatigue my eyes were heavy, sore and i felt really drained and weak not long after the pain just got chronic again fast and i started getting upper back pain that iv never had and I'm waking up everyday feel stiff,aches as if I'm about to brake everything in my body sleep just makes it worse i wake up with sore stinging eyes as if i haven't slept after a 8 hour sleep i just want to scream!!... is this fibromyalgia? i never thought it was a progressive illness?, are these symptoms of cancer or other illnesses?.... iv heard you don't get crippled like arthritis does to you but i feel like I'm going to be crippled can i cripple you ? . its scaring me !! my pain is like someone has set fire to my muscles all over my body... my neck hurts really bad to the point i want to cry it causes me to feel a sore face, head.... ha try having the flu and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue at the same time its like i having fibromyalgia with a second dose of fibromyalgia..... please help me... i would love to hear advise and others stories please?!

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also when really tired my eye sight can get a bit blurry


Jason, I'm truly sorry that you are having such difficult symptoms. To have a stronger recurrence of your symptoms is horrible. More women then men suffer with this. My dad, now deceased, had fibromyalgia (fm) and I remember his dad suffering with similar symptoms. Fm has an incredibly long list of possible symptoms. I have had problems with pain that felt like my muscles in my back were burning and

being ripped to shreds. Fortunately, my regular doctor referred me to a rheumatologist. The "rheumy" prescribed Gabapentin which greatly reduced these symptoms. In the mornings I feel very stiff. In addition to this I often feel like my body is being squeezed by a tight net. I have tingling in my hands and feet. This may be from the Gabapentin. Most of my muscles are sore most of the time. I bought a hot tub and get 2 massages a week which helps. Being retired I'm now able to avoid most situations that are stressful. For For many years I've been coping with anxiety and depression. You need to find a doctor who will treat your depression. While some people can recover from mild bouts of depression, many of us can't cope without medication and therapy. You are having a very frightening experience. Please find a doctor who takes depression seriously.

Since I'm not a doctor, most of what I know about fibromyalgia I've read online. I've read that it isn't progressive but am not always so sure. When it returns or gets worse they are called flare ups. This year the colder weather has affected my fm far more than in the past. I may need to find a warmer place to visit when it's cold.

My name is Lyle. I'm a 65 years young lady, who retired from teaching young children four years ago. I've had fm for over 30 years. Two weeks ago when I saw an endocrinologist for the first time, he asked me what issues I had in addition to my thyroid issues. When I told him that I had really awful fibromyalgia he said, "Fibromyalgia doesn't exist". That left me speechless when he asked the next question.

Fibromyalgia is awful. I'm sorry you have it. Please let me know how you are doing!


Hello, my name is Karen, I have had fibro for 20 + years, a year ago I went to the emerg. room I thought I had had a stroke couldn't  think straight after a cat scan, no stroke but so many white spots some older some new, one very lrg new one I now have MS along with the fibro the systems  are almost the same one I feel can trigger the other so both will put me down for weeks, not happy with any of this i'm 63 years old retired it's time to play not fight to just get through the day without sleep.  I do wish you all happiness regardless. For me laughter helps me to get through the depression sometimes. 

thanks for listening, lol



any miss typos pls forgive



Hi, I am 66, and newly diagnosed, but I know how you are feeling, the pain can be intolerable and the lower back pain is horrendous at times. You are so young to be in this position, but this silent disease strikes all ages. Get a good understanding Doctor who can do their best to help. I suffer from anxiety and an underactive thyroid to boot, and feel I continually take pills. I have recently been diagnosed with very low Vit. D and since taking tablets to rectify this I at least feel awake a lot more. I doubt that would be a problem for you being in Aus., but you could ask for the test. Do take care.


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