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My angry rash

Well... how'd you like that! *lol*

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I've had DM for 24 years and as well as treatment we also need skin protection even in the winter. Sun protection (sunsense) is available on prescription, ask your consultant on your next visit. Also changing the type of clothing you wear, so less skin exposed does help. Low energy lighting and florescent lighting gives off high UV light, so we have changed the lighting in our home to the old style light blubs.

There is good information on this link for lighting in this link lupusuk.org.uk/eclipse/


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This has all just happened in about a week or so. I am still kind of in shock. I'll take any advice you have. Looking into some dietary changes as well hoping it will help.


My rash can come on suddenly. I personally not found making dietary changes make any difference; I tried some changes in the beginning but I was already a veggie (since the ago of 13). I did have 13 years med free remission for Myositis, but RA was a problem for the first 7 years of this time.