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Manchester Afternoon Tea Meetup held on Saturday 20th May

Manchester Afternoon Tea Meetup held on Saturday 20th May

Over 40 people attended our Manchester Afternoon Tea Meetup on Saturday 20th May 😀

Many thanks to Dr Hector Chinoy, who gave an overview of Myositis and spoke to individuals during the afternoon tea.

Comments from a few who attended: 😬

"We had a great time and for the first time we had an opportunity to meet a family in our position. Thank you so much for this, means a lot"

"Found it really useful meeting people with the same condition and not feeling so isolated"

"Had a very enjoyable afternoon at the Myositis UK meet up. Huge thanks to Irene and Joanne for organising and to Dr Chinoy for giving up his time. It was great to meet so many lovely people"

"Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon tea and chat in Manchester today. What a wonderful, cheerful, friendly lot of people, despite, in so many cases, such a lot to cope with. I feel really thrilled to have had the chance to meet everyone. Thank you!"

"Really good, enjoyed meeting up with everyone"

"Huge thanks to Joanne and Irene for organising today's meet up, a lovely afternoon tea and talking to people who have the same condition as me, and I managed to speak to Dr Chinoy as well for a few minutes, I feel less alone now I've met some of you"

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Hi all, sounds a great day unfortunately I couldn't manage. Best wishes to all Wighton

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We are discussing one for Edinburgh or Glasgow that is nearer to you.