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Abbey Physiotherapy are fundraising for Myositis UK in memory for John

Abbey Physiotherapy are fundraising for Myositis UK in memory for John

Thanks to Abbey Physiotherapy Clinic in Nuneaton, who are fundraising for Myositis UK in memory of John


Did you see our article in the Nuneaton News last night?

This week we are fundraising to raise money for Myositis UK, We are donating £1 for every patient we see this week. Lots of our patients have also matched that, for which we say a very big THANKS!

Helen has recently lost her father in law, who suffered with this disease for many years"

The following was written by John’s children:

"For many years Dad was severely disabled by this crippling and debilitating rare disease - Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM). Currently there is no cure and very little knowledge of the cause. It is a disease of the muscle which cause the muscles to become thin and weak. It is not known how many people in the UK are affected, but most GP's have never looked after patients with this condition and many doctors have not heard of it.

Over the years Dad's muscle strength slowly and gradually declined with all of his limb muscles being affected - either weakening or simply just stopped working. To say he suffered is a gross understatement - but he never gave in to it. He fought it to the end.

As a family we took care of Dad at home, Mum being his main carer despite having health issues of her own. The three of us supported her in caring for him - there was nothing we couldn't, or wouldn't, do. He had professional home carers too but Mum took the brunt of the care - being on duty 24 hours a day. It was a demanding job.

We are determined to do all we can to help others with this disease and those who care for people with this disease. We look forward to the day when there is a cure and Inclusion Body Myositis is something everyone has heard of. This is the greatest way we can honour the memory of our Dad who would have been so up for this."

John’s children have set up a 'just giving' page to raise money for Myositis uk, and this is where we will be donating.

If you would like to visit the page, it can be found at:


02476 281133



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