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Juvenile Dermatomyositis - Information & links

Juvenile Dermatomyositis - Information & links

◾Guide to Juvenile Dermatomyositis

Written by Professor Lucy Wedderburn, Great Ormond Street Hospital.

◾Frequently Asked Questions

◾Teddy-Bo's Feeling Tired

Written & illustrated by Simon Chadwick

◾Teddy-Bo's Excerises

Illustrated by Simon Chadwick

◾Myositis UK Charity leaflet

Myositis specialist clinic/centre:

To request a NHS referral/second opinion via your GP (in the unlikely event your GP is uncooperative, a way round it is a one off private consultation with the Myositis specialist, and they will write to your GP on your behalf).

London - Great Ormond Street Hospital

Professor Lucy Wedderburn,

Dr Clarissa Pilkington

Members of the UK Myonet group (the research/advocacy group of doctors and researchers in the UK). Advisor's to Myositis UK…/lucy-wedderburn…/…/clarissa-pilkington