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Just wanted said hi new to support group.

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Cold weather and afraid of ice

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Hi and welcome.

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coloring in reply to Kit10

I tired being inside

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Kit10 in reply to coloring

I'm in England and our weather is well above freezing now, is it very bad where you are?

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coloring in reply to Kit10

9degree and icey yesterday

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I'm ready for Spring! I just want to be able to sit outside and relax in the shade. These walls have begun closing in on me.

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coloring in reply to NorasMom

I know the feeling me too

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Thank you

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hi and welcome!🤗

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Maybe the groundhog will tell us spring is just around the corner! We're all tired of ice, and wind, and rain, and snow, and more of the same. It's slip-go-down weather.

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NorasMom in reply to goatgal

Phil failed us. We have 6 more weeks of this stuff.

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Xvettech in reply to goatgal

isn’t 6 more weeks of winter and 6 weeks till spring the same thing? Either way spring is just around the corner:)

Hi & welcome!

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goatgal in reply to Xvettech

You are absolutely correct. I have never put much stock in groundhogs -- around here they can wipe out half a garden overnight. The only reason they have a reputation as weather forecasters is that the first thaw brings them out of their burrows in search of someone's garden to devour!

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Welcome to the group! I'm in NC, and it's cloudy and rainy here, so the groundhog won't see anything, Hopefully, Spring will be here soon! It is 41 degrees right now, so no snow or ice!

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Hello and welcome to the group!

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Hi and welcome

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Welcome to our group!

I understand how you feel.


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welcome to a great bunch of people with different stages of MS and different ages ...we are a very friendly bunch of us ...enjoy the fun ...love and happiness...

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Welcome, coloring! So glad you are here.

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Hi coloring, sorry you have to be a member of this club. Welcome anyway :)

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Hello colorìng and Welcome to our extended family in this chat room. We're Always here if you have questions or just want to speak to someone who knows what you're going through. I can't wait to learn more about you. I live in Kentucky and have Secondary Progressive MS. I'm sure there is much we can learn from each other. Take care and remember we are stronger together! Fancy59.

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Welcome to our little group. Walking at a mall the weather is always nice and there are things to do

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welcome!! Glad you found us

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Welcome to this wonderful group coloring Sorry for the reason. I am tired of the cold and ready for the warmer weather to be here. Look forward to getting to know you.

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Welcome to our group!

I understand how your feel.


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