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My constant companion for the past ten plus years. He’ll be going to puppy heaven on Monday. Rest In Peace, old pal.

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I know how much you are going to miss him.

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greaterexp in reply to Turtlepie

Thank you. I dread Monday, but it’s so hard watching him struggle with everything.

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Turtlepie in reply to greaterexp

When I knew that my sweet lily was not going to make it much longer I couldn't bare to call the vet my boyfriend had to and I was such a mess. I had to have a neighbor drive me to the vet. I had her 16 years it's been 2 years now and I still miss her very much. My prayers are with you

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greaterexp in reply to Turtlepie

I so appreciate that. I’m sorry for all who have lost pets.

greaterexp what a hard thing to do. been there.

I’m sorry. Thank you for your kind words.

greaterexp we are here for you. Glad you are sharing this with the group. If my Mookie could have talked to me, i think he would have thanked me for helping him go.

my pup Mookie. Adopted from the shelter at 2. Made us happy for the next 12 years.

I am so sorry Erin, I am in tears just thinking about it. I hope and pray the good Lord will take him in his sleep. My prayers are with you big hug, 🤗

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greaterexp in reply to jimeka

I know you and so many empathize with us. Thank you so much.

Sending you hugs 😢

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greaterexp in reply to erash

Thank you very much.

I'm so sorry

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greaterexp in reply to luvhair

Thank you, dear.

I’m so sorry to hear about your upcoming loss of a family member 🥲They bring us so much love with little return needed 🙏 Many prayers and hugs 🤗 headed your way🙏🙏🙏🙏👍🏼😉🐾🐾🐾🐾

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greaterexp in reply to Kenu

I so appreciate that, Ken.

Oh, I am so very sorry. I wish I could make him better. That is the only sadness about dogs, they do not live as long as we want. Many hugs.

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greaterexp in reply to Amore55

People are asking if we will get another, but I wouldn't want to go before it did, and I'm not sure I can take having another go before I do.

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Amore55 in reply to greaterexp

I understand. 🤗

Hi 😊So very sorry to hear that... My prayers🙏🙏🙏 are with you💓 Erin.

Thank you so much.

It's so hard to lose a member of the family. Will be thinking of you and praying for your "pup".

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greaterexp in reply to mrsmike

Thank you so much.

I'm so very sorry. I have been there many times and it never gets any easier. My thoughts are with you.

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greaterexp in reply to bxrmom

No, it sure doesn't. Thanks for understanding.

I'm so sorry about your dog <<HUGS>>

I'll take those hugs! Thank you.

When they old they get decrepit just like us I'm so glad we can ease our babes pain!

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greaterexp in reply to kycmary

Yes. That's one thing we can do for them.

i am so sorry that your little buddy is leaving to go on a trip of everlasting is so hard to loose our babies that are always there for us no matter what is going on ....lots of love and hugs and here are some prayers to help you through this journey with him ....loves..

Thank you for your kind words of comfort.

So sorry for your impending loss. It's hard to let our little babies go. We don't want them to suffer if they're not well. 🙏

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greaterexp in reply to Humbrd

So true. Thank you..

Greaterexp, I am sorry. You are losing a family member. As I type this, my 12-year old Molly is snoring at my feet. They are a constant companion, and for them suddenly not to be there is unimaginable. I hope you can find comfort in that, you gave him a good life. He never experienced hunger, neglect or abuse. He got medical care & plenty of love & treats.

All dogs go to heaven, they say. (I often wonder if dogs are angels in dog bodies). You will see him again. Hugs & prayers coming at you as you face Monday. Again, I am so sorry.

Thank you for the great pictures to bring up.

My heart is breaking for you. I know what a difficult decision this is. I had to make that decision with my Casey years ago. I asked my vet what I should do, and he told me that he couldn't make that decision for me but he told me that he had to recently watch his father (who had started the practice) slowly and painfully of cancer and that there wasn't a damn thing he could do to help him. That was my answer. We can be kinder to our fur babies in that way. May the memories of your sweet pup help ease your grief. Sending you love and prayers.


I guess it’s the last kindness we can do for him. Thank you.

i hope you are being gentle with yourself. it's a very difficult decision, one we make because we love them so much.🤗❤️

He is certainly loved. Thank you..

I am so sorry for your loss! I'm glad you had the chance to love him and I'm sure you gave him a happy life.

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greaterexp in reply to melack01

We sure hope so.

God bless him, another angel gaining wings at the 🌈 Rainbow Bridge. To lose our pets is incredibly hard but it is the last and final act of kindness we can do for them. We had our Cavaliers for over 36 years and sadly lost our last two nearly five years ago. There is still an emptiness and I feel their presence often. Do read the Rainbow Bridge story online, it really helps.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Will be praying for your strength 🙏🏾

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greaterexp in reply to JSSimp

I appreciate those prayers and you.

I’m sorry about your situation. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

We are very grateful.

So sorry and praying for you. I had to put my Pekingese of 14 1/2 years down in August it was very hard and devastating but you don’t want to see them suffer I find peace in that. She’s forever in my heart my coworker’s son drew this of her and it warms my heart whenever I look at it.

Malia Jewels

I’m sorry. I know many here really understand.

I am so sorry! We just went through that with one of our kitties. It never gets easier. I will be praying for strength for you to get through this. 😪😪😪

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greaterexp in reply to mrsmike9

Thank you so much.

Thinking about you today. My friend says grief is the price of love and I believe her. So sorry you have to go through this. Sending hugs.

How kind you are.

So sorry. Prayers of peace for you. It's been almost 2 years since I lost my Sadie that was my little rock for 15 years. It's just hard to let go. 🙏🙏🙏

It will be hard, but we have lots of funny stories about him to remember.

Sorry to hear about your puppy. They bring so much joy. Hang in there. 🙏🏾

Thank you, dear.

Hardest thing ever, prayers

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greaterexp in reply to NanaCC

Thank you.

So sorry for your loss 🙏

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greaterexp in reply to mm1527mm

Thank you. I sure miss the old guy.

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