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A Tuesday morning in 2018

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The sun is shining today, the temperature is in the 80's or 90's Fahrenheit. That is high 20s Celcius. All said and done it is a very pleasant day to be above the ground, alive. Lying on a blanket in a park might be fun, I would suggest in the shade under a tree would be best, but it really is your choice.

We all have ms, some Secondary Progressive (SPms), some Primary Progressive (PPms) and then there are those of us with Relapsing Remitting (RRms) like me. We take care of ourselves, take our personal Disease Modifying Therapy(DMT), exercise, eat right and try to follow a healthy lifestyle. As healthy as we can, we are not perfect, but we do try. Trying is the first thing to do. Try first, fail then try again. "YOU" must accept your failures they are part of our condition. "YOU" never fail until "YOU" stop, turn away and never try again. Interesting thing trying, if "YOU" keep at it after a time "YOU" will find yourself doing it and that my friend is a success. "YOU" did it, congratulations, it took a while but "YOU" did do it, put that in your successful memories vault.

The physical things that can be done "YOU" are doing. Maybe not perfectly every minute of every day, but that is okay. This is a very long-term illness. I personally expect to have it forty plus years. Perhaps it will be easier on "YOU" mentally if "YOU" can find a way to come to terms with that. I understand not easy at all in the beginning. Being given a life sentence with only a vague promise of parole is a very hard hurdle to cope with, at first. I broke mine down, off needles first, then trigeminal neuralgia surgery then surgery then surgery again a third time. I am not looking forward to the next rounds, but when they come they come. I have learned to accept that. I do not seek them or hope for them but I have accepted them.

This condition asks as to accept a lot of losses, be they abilities, dreams or relationships. These are challenges that we have to overcome, move through and live with. We can not change them, we can not cure ourselves. Today in 2018 nobody can. The one thing we can do is wake in the morning and make a choice. Choose to make this day a good day, smile be happy if only for a moment. Now is what "YOU" have not yesterday certainly not tomorrow. Make your "NOW" a great memory for your vault.

ms is a challenging condition, but "YOU" my friend are up for the challenge. Bend, bard hard until "YOU" are nearly broken. Then slowly come back like bamboo, bent but never broken. ms can be scary but "YOU" are capable, "YOU" will "YOU" can do ms, Have belief in yourself, this is a doable condition and "You" are going to do it.


Believe that YOU can.

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I sure hope so, sometimes I am very negative on myself, reading your post help me. So thank you so much.

It is always my pleasure

Well said and very much appreciated as well ☺️ I'm definitely looking this one in my reminder vault to retrieve when my thoughts start to take that dreaded downward spiral ☹️ Keep on sharing and expressing your right on time thoughts 😁

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RoyceNewton in reply to Guava69

no problem at all, thank you

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