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First day of Summer - what is your July 4-Cast in your area? Will Mother Nature Provide The Fireworks for U?


Summer officially begins on June 21st, which means Independence Day is right around the corner. Will Mother Nature be providing her own fireworks for the holiday? Don’t make any plans without checking our weather prediction for your region!

Since July 4th falls on a Wednesday this year, we've included our weather predictions for Saturday, June 30th through Wednesday, July 4th:

Zone 1 — Northeast & New England

Includes New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C.

The weekend starts off hot, then stormy: Mother Nature provides her own fireworks for Independence Day.

Zone 2 — Great Lakes, Ohio Valley & Midwest

Includes Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin

Mostly hot over the weekend, then thunderstorms spread in from the West for the 4th.

Zone 3 — Southeast

Includes Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia

Fair skies, but oppressively hot and humid. Then thunderstorms for the Carolinas, points south to the Gulf Coast for the 4th.

Zone 4 — North Central

Includes Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana

Unsettled into the Rockies, followed by thundery and showery conditions. Severe weather for Missouri, Iowa, parts of Nebraska, Kansas; possible tornadoes risk. Hot weather for the Independence Day holiday.

Zone 5 — South Central

Includes Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico

Hot and showery conditions, followed by severe weather for Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas; tornadoes could form. Hot for the Independence Day holiday.

Zone 6 — Northwest

Includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho

Unsettled weather for the last day of June, then skies clear. Plan on warm-to-hot conditions for the Fourth of July holiday.

Zone 7 — Southwest

Includes California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona

Unsettled conditions are in store for the weekend. Thunderstorms for Nevada, Arizona, much of Utah; improving skies for California. Then hot as a firecracker for the 4th of July holiday! 115 to 120° F for some desert locations!

Looking for our Canada Day forecast?

Don’t forget to check our long-range forecast to see up to four months of detailed predictions for your region.


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For us in Northern CA. It will be hot. Unfortunately there are idiots already setting off very load fireworks. They drive down the street, throwing something that sizzles, then explodes so loudly, it shakes the window for at least a block. We live just a few blocks from where our city has a fireworks🎆🎆🎇🎇 display. There is a large parking lot across the street and people start parking their cars there by 3-4PM. No problem with me that they can see the fireworks from there, They have kids running around with sparklers in the connecting field that is very dry grass and I worry about fires. Then there is the trash that is left when they all leave about 10:00 PM.. I generally hide out in the bedroom watching Fireworks from other big cities on tv; Big kitty cuddles with me or goes into the closet on a little bed I make for him. This year, because we found out that July 4th is is birthday, maybe he'll get a little can of tuna! Weather man just said that tomorrow will be 102 and Saturday will be 104-107♨️♨️..More hiding out inside to stay cool.🆒

Well, I could have already predicted hot, cause thats here already. According to the forcast, may not see any fireworks, may be hunkered down in the storm shelter!!!

CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to Allen5280

That would be scary for me, but I understand. I spent some time in Iowa and had 2 tornadoes pass by very close to where we were in Davenport, IA. First Time, we were in ground level motel, and I spent some time in the tub. The next time, we were in our apartment on the 9th floor of a hotel.. we had to hunker down when visiting family in SC and a smaller hurricane came through. Those things scare this California girl. I'd rather have an earthquake any day.

As long as we have no fires in our fire-prone area, I’m happy!

They have already put a ban on fireworks outside city limits and all blm and forest in Idaho. Don’t want to lose our great outdoors, hunting,fishing, camping, etc. I think it needs to all be controlled fireworks in designated areas not just anywhere 🙏👍🐾 Ken

Supposed to be hot here in MI. Today it is 70 and raining, the last couple of days have been pretty nice in the low 70s which is my fav weather. Not looking forward to the hot weather or the fireworks because my dog Caddie gets so scared of them. I do have a calming collar for her and put lavender essential oil on the tips of her ears which helps her stay calm but the big booms are what really get her.


CalfeeChickCommunityAmbassador in reply to bxrmom

bxrmom It's 4:56 PM right now where I live near Sacramento, CA and the temperature is 100 degrees. expect up to 106 tomorrow. I go outside early morning to check our yard and water, maybe a little in the evening.. At least, I get some stuff done in the house. Sort of..