Dizzy when laying on left side

It seems that most times if I try to lay on my left side I will get dizzy but laying on my right side I am fine. I do get dizzy spells on some days but not too frequently. I'm going to talk to my neuro at my appointment on the 14th. Just wondering if anyone has experience this? or has an idea what could be causing it? Very odd that it only happens when laying on my left side.


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  • I get this periodically. Usually it's one side or the other. It could be MS vertigo and also could be an inner ear issue. Sometimes Meclizine helps and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it lasts a few days and sometimes it lasts a few weeks. It's pretty inconsistent. My neuro said whether it's MS or not, they basically treat it the same way with the meclizine. Usually I just sit up and lay back slowly and it's better. It's mostly just an annoyance, but I do get it every few months or so. Good luck!!

  • I have had dizziness and I know that the last time it was more associated with my left side. Meclizine was prescribed by my neuro, but my PCP felt it was not the cure so he sent me to a physical therapist who specialized in vertigo. Ask your neuro or your PCP about seeing a therapist, because your dizziness could be caused by "ear rocks" which may have come loose in your inner ear! The therapist did exercises with me that I could do at home to get the "rock" back in place, and it worked for me. And, if your dizziness comes back, you will have at home exercises that might work for you to make your dizziness/vertigo go away quicker. Good Luck!

  • Thanks Blue51. I don't lay on my left side too much, just noticed the couple times recently that I went to lay on my left side because my right arm was hurting that I would get dizzy laying on that side. I have my 6 month nuero follow up on the 14th so I will mention it to him then. I will be sure to update after.


  • Once when I went to the therapist and another time for a PCP appointment the dizziness left all by itself! I just know that since after the last time with the therapist I have been good. But, this dizziness/vertigo thing seems to come and go as it pleases sometimes, so again, good luck, and I will be interested to hear how it is going for you!

  • Thanks Blue51. Some days my dizziness/vertigo is really bad which I will wake up with but as the day goes on it gets better (happens at least once a month). But laying on my left side and dizziness happening is weird. Will definitely update on what I find out about it.


  • bxrmom otoliths, BPPV, viral labrynthitis can cause and are self limited and can be improved thru barany's maneuvers (often taught by a PT, or via an ENT office) but cause could be central, MS etc and if persistent should get it checked out.

  • Thanks erash. I'm going to mention it to my neuro next week and see what he says. I don't often lay on my left side so I don't always notice it and it doesn't bother me otherwise.


  • I had something similar where after where after what seemed to be a seizure, the Dr doesn't think so but They have caused me to be partially paralyzed, unable to talk, unable to open my eyes, trunk, tremors? Spasms?, etc., but after these I have had terrible vertigo, worse when on my left side or looking left while on my back! 5 weeks it lasted. My last MRI showed both optic nerves are in Bad shape, the Solu-Medrol quit working for me.🙄

  • Kevin_McMillan Wow! that is quite different than what I experience when it happens to me. Glad solumederol is working for you!


  • bxrmom, I still think you have something going on there that you should keep an eye on. Waking up with vertigo? I do too, what is going on in our sleep?? Be safe and careful and Merry Christmas!

  • Kevin_McMillan Every once in awhile I do wake up with vertigo. Thankfully it's not all the time like it was after I a bad relapse in 2008..definitely keeping an eye on it.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well.


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