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Another MS Sunday

Another MS Sunday

Sunday I try to seek more of Christ, even though each day I try for my own sanity to serve, help et someone some how by letter call etc.May I start with respect for ALL religions or beliefs.Makes the world balanced.Sundays are more peace, a day of honor respect for life and many blessings Ive been given, trying also to figure what blessings MS is, in some way to justify using MS to further my goals instead of demean my soul.What does MS give to me that I can make a better space out of this.Use it not let it use ME.I thought I had compassion charity love of mankind knowledge etc before this and yes my mom taught me well but after going thru this and continually learning, I'm getting better at virtues in some ways and also a lot of learning to forgive myself and others...Being human is not an excuse but a classroom of education!May One day of the week(any) be a centering day(sometimes that is each day needed!) Tell us HOW you center yourself or a quote you really love...

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jackiesj the best thing I can relate to right now is Chris Tomlins song Oh I want to go to heaven. There there be no more sorrow no more pain. In heaven there will be no MS. That's what keeps me going. This world is temporary. This world is not my home. How I want to go to heaven. Ms is for a short time against heaven being an eternity. More than one quote but I love them all.

Blessings and god bless you Jackie.



Service is one of my top coping methods for MS! The more I can serve the happier I am.


I agree that serving others helps immensely. Sometimes an old hymn will pop into my head, and if no one is around, I'll sing it. Praying helps me so much, too. Getting my focus off of myself works wonders to restore calm and peace.

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