πŸŽ‰ Hello and Happy New Year πŸŽ‰

πŸŽ‰ Hello and Happy New Year πŸŽ‰

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! My name is Andrea and I was only diagnosed with MS January 2011, but have been affected for more than 40yrs, simply because doctors are quite remiss were/are either misdiagnosing or underdiagnosing my conditions, ESPECIALLY when you're young, you dont LOOK sick and they FEEL ypu should be healthy & strong...

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  • Many of us know what you mean. I myself was told that my first symptoms were all in my head (little did they know πŸ˜‚) back in the early 70's. At least when I had my first big attack they had some idea. I was told that it was either a stroke, a case of encephalitis or MS. I asked how I would know and the doctor said, "If it ever happens again then it is MS." Then he said to go on with my life.

  • Morllyn perhaps good advice? As nothing available in the 70s to treat MS...

  • Andygyrl welcome! Great! Photo. I will look forward to chatting with u.

  • Hello Andygyrl and Happy New Year to you also. Welcome to this site, I've found many kind, helpful people here to talk with.

  • Hi Andygyrl and welcome to our wonderful roller coaster ride. Ugh! 😊 Although you have been on it for awhile from the sounds of it 😞 Dontcha know when you're young nothing is supposed to be wrong with your? πŸ˜• Ugh. I'm so sorry they took so long getting you a DX. How are you doing now?

    I love the picture!! You look so happy!! 😊


  • Hi, Andygyrl. Your post has reminded me of an exchange with a local neurologist (whom I'd visited, after being diagnosed with PPMS by the Cleveland Clinic). Very early in the visit, he commented, "Well, I'm not convinced yet-- you certainly don't LOOK very sick." I never went back.

    All that said, it's very nice to meet you, and I hope that 2017 is treating you incredibly well so far.

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