It didn't kill me after all

It didn't kill me after all

I came up with the idea for our church to have a Christmas bazaar to help fund our quilting ministry. Then I got MS! I got several big quilts done, crocheted tons of delicate snowflakes, cooked the lunch that was served (2 soups, steamed persimmon pudding, cheesecake, wassail), and made these things. How on earth? It's amazing what we can still do sometimes! I didn't even curl up in a fetal position afterward! (But I thought about it.) The gift box quilts are folded in case you thought they looked strange.

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  • greaterexp wow! Beautiful quilts and gourmet lunch too! Fantastic! It's about what we CAN do, not what we cannot. Good victory for you 🏆👍

  • I agree with Erash, what a truly blessed accomplishment, blessings Jimeka

  • Wow, you are an MS wonder woman! Love it all, but your quilts are fabulous!

  • Everything you made is so beautiful! Can't believe you organized it.

  • greaterexp lm once again speechless at all that everyone CAN DO! and not what you can not.

    Is it ok to be Proud of ALL of YOU! ♡

    Jes ♡

  • I reread my post. Forgive me if it seemed insensitive or boasting in any way. I just felt so grateful God gave me the abilities to do things I had promised I would do in spite of setbacks. There were so many days when I could nothing but the bare minimum. I feared making all those commitments and not being able to deliver. I am so encouraged by the the posts here showing so much creativity and hard work in spite of our many difficulties. I'm grateful when everyone here post what they have done to shake their fists in the face of the monster. For some of us getting out of bed is huge, and I applaud us all for major efforts. You all are my heroes!

  • Don't ever apologize for feeling well enough to accomplish your goals. Quilts are beautiful. You are AMAZING!

  • greaterexp like Michelednlp don't apologize for that. It's the good days that keep us going! And what we choose to do with it :) You can see the love that you put into your work, and lm so happy you had enough good days to get it all done.

    Jes ♡

  • greaterexop, you are truly amazing and wonderful! :)

  • No boasting or insensitivity involved - I love seeing all the wonderful artistic talent on here, thanks to you and everyone else for sharing. I can appreciate the effort, skill and passion that went in to these beautiful creations. True art comes from the heart : )

    You even surprised yourself with your capabilities - always nice when that happens !

    What a wonderfully productive time ! : ) x

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