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Is it me or does everyone hope that the MS Specialist are ready to retire? Once HSCT is available for all these specialist will have nothing to do. I'm glad I went abroad to have it done. It won't be available in the US till 2022 & I can only imagine what the wait time & order of people having it done is going to look like. I had to wait 10 months, here will be longer.

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  • What are you talking about?

  • HSCT

  • Where did you have it done, 1RiskyRich? I have been considering it but it is such an involved procedure that I thought it was being done only on those patients who were so bad off that they essentially had no quality of life and so nothing left to lose. I don't know that I would do HSCT instead of meds if I am doing OK on the meds. What gets me angry is these unregulated salons and spas that claim to be doing HSCT when all they do is pull some fat or muscle tissue out of the buttock area and inject it back in. These people should be arrested and prosecuted for fraud.

  • Hi Suki, what some people will do for money, we have so many scams in the uk it's unreal. I signed your petition, hope it counts from the uk. Blessings Jimeka. Keep fighting.

  • Yes there are a lot of Stem Cell places that are doing Stem Cells BUT not HSCT. I had mine done in Puebla Mexico at Clinica Ruiz. He's one of the top 3 places to have the procedure. I was on the waiting list for Russia, didn't even put myself on the USA list. They quoted $180,000. That's $50k more than my 1st house. I went from an EDSS of 5.5 to a 3.5 and I was transplanted May 8th. Improvements up to 2 years.

  • Are you talking about stem cell treatments. There was one person on here that I chatted with when I first joined. I didn't know how to follow and forgot the name. He said he went to Mexico for treatment that wasn't legal in USA. I might consider it, but the cost is out of my range..

  • Mexico cost me $54,500. I held fundraisers for the full cost. Started in July & done by Christmas. Best decision ever.

  • HSCT

  • How are you feeling since the HSCT? How long ago did you have treatment? Tell us about it please. Lynn

  • CalfeeChick there was a lady here that had it done here in the states. They say in Canada also. I wish l could remember her name.

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