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Newbie just saying hello

Newbie just saying hello


I was diagnosed with RRMS December 2001. Things were alright for a while with only minor symptoms. Recently however I had the FABULOUS pleasure to hear that my MS had progressed to SPMS and now am on Rituximab and praying this is something that finally helps me get at least a little relief from this bastardized disease. Live in Winthrop just outside East Boston. Contact me if you need med advice or just need to vent. Nice to meet all of you!

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Hello. I lived in Waltham for a time. Now in Knoxville. I've had two Rituximab infusions. My next cycle is in January. I'm not sure yet how much it has helped me.

Who is your cat?


I was diagnosed with RRMS 15 years ago. I went on Betaseron and am still on Betaseron. I was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS 10 years ago. About 4 years later I got SIGNIFICANTY better within a matter of days. Before my sudden improvement I was wheelchair/walker/partially blind/etc. I have mostly "silent symptoms" now (pain, numbness, heat sensitivity and some cognitive problems) but MEDS take care of the pain and I can walk and talk and WORK. It's a weird and unpredictable disease we have. I can't promise you will do as well as I have, but don't panic yet. The game isn't over.

The doctor who diagnosed me, by the way, was quite competent and considered the top MS guy in South Florida at the time.

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why arent you on a pill like aubagio


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