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Neck Pain

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I'm getting bad neck pain crunching bones and both hands going numb. My job for 20 years was working in a brick making factory bent over a conveyor for 12 hours a day.

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Hi there, I would first talk to your Dr and tell him your symptoms and ask for a MRI to find out the extent . Do you have any other symptoms . Clive.

Bad headaches

Bad headaches

That's how mine started and if not treated can get s lot worse than the symptoms you are having , numb hands is because your disc's are touching your cord

Thanks for the info.

I agree with the above advice.Let us know how you get on.

All the best 🌻

Cervical spine MRI. You have classic symptoms that indicate high risk of much more serious problems if you have a whiplash injury fall or otherwise further stress cervical spine.

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Hi there.

I agree. Definitely time to seek a GP appointment asap if you haven't already. I'm not a Dr but it sounds that things are getting a bit tight inside from the symptoms you describe.

You mention bad headaches - although it's not yet a "known" symptoms of myelopathy - many people here & in our Facebook Support group report similar issues.

Do let us now hw you get on.

Good luck

Shirley (mod)

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