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Cervical Myelopathy

Can Cervical Myelopathy cause loosing coordination of fingers?

Beside neck problems from cervical Myelopathy, new one. I am starting to loose my coordination in my fingers on right hand, like can't barely tie my shoes cause I use two hands to tie the laces, naturally. Now my wife has to help me. Hard to open tops on some jars, etc. Must be a sign. Please answer.

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Was recently diagnosed with Myelopathy after being told rather flippant by my physician that she was certain it was carpal tunnel syndrome. Meanwhile, the numbness that began in my fingers began to spread up my left arm and I then noticed my finger coordination had decreased as well. Between the numbness, tingling, feeling as though I have electrical wires running throughout, some days I'm just completely miserable. Have not found anything to take that alleviates the pain I often feel. Happy to say I'm scheduled for surgery soon. Now the drama of insurance.....oh very!


Good luck with surgery and I hope you get relief of your symptoms. I never did get any better after surgery. They did my surgery to stop my symptoms from getting worse. I had myelomalacia and spinal cord was pinched down to 4 mm.


Yes cervical myelopathy will do that. Also myelomalacia is even worse if you get that.


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