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Myeloma UK

SMC say “no” to Kyprolis® and Darzalex® for myeloma patients in Scotland

Scotland's drug approval body has decided not to recommend both Kyprolis® (carfilzomib) and Darzalax® (daratumumab) for myeloma patients.

Myeloma UK made a strong case to the SMC and we are very disappointed by the decision. We will continue to work to deliver patients access to the most promising treatments.

Find out more here: myeloma.org.uk/blog/news/sm...

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Very disappointing for us patients out here who have to rely on these new drugs coming out of the pipeline of development, testing and approval.

We all recognise that funding is limited and has to be used to achieve the best outcomes, but there does seem to be an element of having to prove our cause and fight our corner. For that, we have to rely on organisations like Myeloma UK for which we should all be very grateful.