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MyDirectives: Make your medical wishes known!

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Dying at home or in hospital dependent on wealth, location and number of diseases

Researchers from King’s College London’s Cicely Saunders Institute have publishe...

Thousands of cancer patients die in hospital against their wishes

A new report from Macmillan Cancer Support warns that a ‘crisis of communication...

Not enough staff to support pain management at home, survey says

Only half of British healthcare professionals say there is enough staff to suppo...
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Future demand for palliative care set to rise

New research published in the open access journal BMC Medicine has projected tha...

How to Make Good Decisions

The UK's National Council for Palliative Care have published this useful guide t...

UK National Council for Palliative Care Merges with Hospice UK

Financial pressures appear to have forced the merger of two great UK organisatio...

Hundreds Die in UK Every Year Just Because People Don't Talk

I read this article in the UK's Telegraph newspaper today and wept....

Video Testimonials are Crucial

Video testimonials as part of digital advance care plans received high marks in ...

Now We Are Ten

Ten! Tenth birthdays generally involve ice cream and lots of balloons. Tenth ann...

You've Earned Your University/College Degree - Now What?

You’ve worked so hard to get to this point. Take the time to celebrate your achi...

Renowned Doctor explains why even 18-year-olds should plan for the unexpected

Renowned palliative care physician, BJ Miller’s career trajectory was drasticall...

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