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MyDirectives: Make your medical wishes known!

All posts for January 2017

Langston Jacksons Story Filmed by Louis Theroux

If anyone wants a powerful reminder of why even young people need to have a conv...

Tell the NHS How to Support Care Homes

England’s National End of Life Care Intelligence Network in collaboration with N...

Professionals endorse MyDirectives' Movement

Professionals endorse MyDirectives’ MovementMyDirectives has met with and worked...
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Myths about Advance Care Planning

Discussions about advance care planning can raise lots of questions and the answ...

US Moving to Pay Consumers to Create Advance Directives

A standing-room only crowd on Capitol Hill saw something rare in Washington -- b...

New Research Supports Digital Planning

The internet revolution has changed the way we bank, shop, make travel plans and...

John's Story

John Crowell, from Charlotte North Carolina, has asked us to put up his story. H...

New Year, New Resolution

As 2017 begins, many of us reflect on the year that’s past and look ahead at wha...

What MyDirectives is trying to achieve

MyDirectives is the first completely digital emergency, critical and advance car...

MyDirectives’ Founder Talks at Tedx

Hi! I’m Jeff Zucker a co-founder at MyDirectives. Our goal is that everyone o...

Apple Take Advance Decisions Seriously

Apple are waking up to the potential mobile phones have to change how individual...

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