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Light Therapy abandoned

Title says it all really. Having cancelled session 3 last week, I turned up for what would've been session 4 this morning but the nurse said she was not prepared to continue. Basically she said that because I'd burnt after such a small dose (2 x 17 seconds) she could not see how I would ever build up the treatment time and that maybe light therapy is not right for me. Perhaps there is something else going on other than PLE.

She's referred me back to the consultant, who unfortunately is on leave at the moment, and the earliest appontment they've got is 1 July 2013 - after my summer holiday! I'm to ring next week and the nurse said she'll see if the consultant can fit me in earlier. Fingers crossed they can get to the bottom of this and find another solution that will help me enjoy the summer.

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Good luck with your treatment. I only had 1 session with it and i got burnt so did not continue the treatment. Now i look permanently sunburnt on my face and neck so i hope you are ok with it.

Good luck


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