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Light Therapy

Well, I went for my first light therapy session this morning. It was a bit uncomfortable not being able to put any body lotion or moisturiser on after my shower but those were the instructions. My face felt so dry and my lips cracked in the cold wind. I wonder if a little lip salve would've been fine? Probably.

It was all very modestly done. Didn't have to undress in front of anyone. Undressed behind a curtain, apply some factor 50 to nose, ears, lips and nips (!), don the goggles and then into the booth. Pulled the door to and called out I was ready.

17 seconds. That's all. I wonder if I'll react. I should know within 24 hours. I hope not.

The nurse said the treatment works well for most people suffering from my condition (Polymorphic Light Eruptions) so fingers crossed this could be the best summer for me in over 10 years (if we get a good British summer that is!)

Knowing my luck, I'll fall into the category of people that the treatment does not help. But I suppose I'll be no worse off for trying.

Next session Monday.

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Ok. After just 5 hours I began to become aware of my skin tingling and starting to feel a bit itchy, although I was desperately trying to convince myself it was all just psychosomatic.

Now about 7 hours on and my skin has reacted as if I'd been exposed to the sun. I'm starting to see red spots coming up and red patches are appearing on my skin. It's also making me feel a little woozy/poorly, if you know what I mean.

Normally I don't react until about 24 hours after exposure so this has been quite quick. Will have to put some cream on and hope it calms down quite just as quickly as it appeared. Another 7 lots of this to go. It's not appealing at the moment. :(


I used to spray Nivea after sun on and just lie in a dark room on a towel - quite relaxing :-)


Thanks for the tip. I shall have to check out the ingredients of Nivea. I am allergic to perfume so have to be careful.


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