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If not ringworm what is it???


This appeared as a small red dot on my forearm that I assumed was just a bug bite. Soon it grew and has looked like this for about two weeks. It is extremely itchy and I have two others so in total there are three on my arms. The other two are much smaller and they all itch really bad . They begin to itch even more when I'm in the sun for awhile they may even grow a little. Please help it is not ringworm that I am sure of.

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My husband had a similar red patch on his arm for a few weeks and a dermatologist thought it was eczema and gave him some steroid cream but that didn't do any good so he asked our local chemist and was given some fungal cream and it cleared up quite quickly. It could be that you have been biten by something, it's difficult to know. My friend was biten by a horrible little spider and it took a while to treat with antibiotics so it really difficult to know what is causing your red itchy arm. Best to go and seek advice from the medical people and try and get to the bottom of it. Good luck, I'm sure you will solve the problem eventually.

Avwero in reply to pump321

pls whats the name ofthe fungi cream

pump321 in reply to Avwero

Hi Avwero, The name of the Anti-Fungal skin treatment is : CLOTRIMAZOLE CREAM 1% W/W. I would ask the chemist what they think of your patches on your skin and see if they think it's a fungal problem. If in doubt please go and see your doctor as I am not qualified to diagnose, it just looked like the sort of problem my husband had. Good luck and hope you get sorted out very soon.

Avwero in reply to pump321

Well,thanks,jst wanted to know .

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