Fed up psoriasis

HI all. I have psoriasis. Mainly my nails. When it started it was toe nail. Shoulder. Backside. Referred to dermatologist. Got creams. Through time, things got better. Cleared up. Creams never worked for me being honest. Last year my finger nails were infected. So painful. Ugly. Unsightly. Bleeding. Cleared up. Back again. Now its both toe and finger nails. And elbows. Knuckles. Knee.

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Dear shirlgirl66 a friend at work suggested Skinsoft products as she has psoriasis and found them beneficial. I have eczema and am using one of their 'base' moisturisers and it's helping the redness of facial patches. I followed advice and tried a wee bit first on inside of forearm but no ill effects.

Good luck, all these skin conditions are a nightmare to live with x


My fiance suffered very badley. He tried everything but we doing sime research and foung one that worked it's called ENSTILAR it's a foam and it's a mirical. Cleared it up completely. Ask your doctor. Hope this helps.

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