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I have already posted about cellulitis that I have, since then I have read that cellulitis can cause trouble in the nodes, could it be possible that even having Chemotherapy for cancer in the groin, that it is not cancer that shows up on a CT scan, but a picture of cellulitis that shows up, or would bloods taken regularly show that it would in fact be a cancer in the groin, I do not know how cellulitis would show up on a CT scan would a doctor if not seen it before, although I have seen the so called misty mass in the middle of my nodes that the doctor said is cancer, could the doctors in the hospital have misread the scan results, I had a initial probe in the area, then two operation to remove a node, the first operation did not give a clear view I was told, although the surgeon left a muscle or part of my groin unstitched leaving a lump, the second surgeon did not repair this at the time maybe he needs Specsavers.

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Goodness what a time you have had! I think blood results would have shown presence of cancer rather than cellulitis but I'm not an expert.


Hi there. If you have blood tests done and you thought you had cellulitis your CRP and WCC (white cell count) would be raised. Don't think a CT scan would show up cellulitis as cellulitis is on the surface of the skin. Not an expert though best asking your doctor


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