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This is a free online magazine written by MPN patients for MPN patients. It contains a number of stories and articles, including one by me, covering MPN experiences and other information about all three MPNs. It also provides a 'clinic' where patients can ask questions of leading world specialists.You simply have to register to read it. At last count the hits on the site exceeded 70,000 covering 130+ countries. Worth a look.


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Hi Chris - cheers for the link will have a scan at this, always useful to read peops stories and get latest news about Mpns. I am inspired by your story and in particular your successful BMT. THANK YOU for sharing it.

Bye for now, going to pick Grand-daughter up from school, best part of the week.


Thanks for the link some really interesting stuff :-)


I should have mentioned that the next release is 15 th November and has lots of questions and answers.


Thanks I will look forward to reading that one too :-)


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