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Anyone with ET- having hot flashes?


Oh my goodness..I started having hot flashes all throughout the day and worse at night?!?!? It’s tough!

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Not yet, but at my age I wouldn't know if it was my ET or menopause coming on. Every once in awhile I will get a very slight night sweat but nothing severe.

Yes I do but has been improved a little since taking interferon. I've been through menopause & the sweats are different from that. I can sense when my body has had "too much" & break out into a sweat but feel quite sick with it, it's ghastly. It's the same with the night sweats. The only thing that helps is getting cool as fast as I can & riding it out.

I thought I had been through menopause..I’m 49 and started hot flashes at 45 but they would come differently.. like when you get embarrassed..and then they would leave. These are slow to come on..and I get fully drenched..might still be menopause..they just last longer and are pretty frequent. I am in Hydroxyurea, 1,000 mg per day for almost the last year. The flashes just started the last month.

Oh boy do I. I have finished the menopause but I only have to go into a slightly warm environment and the flushes start.

My mum lives in a residential home which is right across from a lovely little shopping centre. When I take her to the centre in a wheelchair it is like a tap being turned on for me. The sweat just runs down my face and I can see the shop assistants thinking “I bet she’s going through the change”. I go through a whole handy pack of tissues to wipe my face with. My carefully styled hair and make up is ruined as my hair gets plastered to my head.

I never had any of this during the menopause so I am blaming my PV or the Hydroxy.

My greatest investment is a small, hand-held fan that you recharge via a USB cable so no batteries to buy. See Amazon if you want one, they are brilliant.

Hi Jenn,

I was diagnosed with ET + Calr in 2016. I have suffered from hot flushes on a frequent basis during the day and night. My face would turn bright red all over and it became embarrassing at times. However, my consultant said this was the result of the Hydrea she put me on and that it was to be expected but would diminish in time. She was correct as I rarely get theses hot flushes anymore. By the way I’m a 73 year old male and I hope that helps.


Husband is 76 so definitely not the menopause but he pours with sweats at night regardless of whether it is freezing cold or baking hot. His consultant recently noticed his testosterone levels were down so suggested HRT (testosterone) patches but so far he hasn't gone down that route. His theory being that he is on enough drugs for ET JAK2- that he doesn't want anymore if he can help it. Watch this space as I think he will cave in soon......

Yes,definitely! One or two during the day but every night soaking for first 3 or 4 hours then I seem to cool down. On Aspirin 75mg and 1 Hydroxy 500 mg per day. Et Jak2+ . Suppose we just have to grin and bear it!!

Yes tend to be cold sweats rather than hot. Drenched most evenings particularly when not feeling great/stressful situations. Take care Jacquie x

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