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Flight socks


Hi Guys

I am due to fly to Boston in a couple of weeks from Dublin. I follow all the usual recommendations for travel but up to now have used flight socks from my pharmacy. Does anyone know a particularly good brand? My Hct is very high at the moment and I will have a venosection before I go but am anxious to take the best precautions.

Thanks in advance Margo

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Hi Margo,

I got mine online from vitalactive.com you need to measure your leg, send the measurements and they send the best fit for you. Not totally made to measure but fit better then the ones from the chemist and not expensive. I also chose the natural colour rather than black. I found them very comfortable.

Enjoy your trip.


Excellent I will get in touch today as off on 13th. Thanks for the info. Margo

Flight socks ordered. Thanks again ✈️

Have a great trip.

Regards Sandy

Hi Margo, I hope you enjoy your trip. I am off to Canada this week, and when I asked my Haematology nurse specialist, the only advice was to take my aspirin as normal night before 75 mgs, wear flight socks, and drink. For the 1st time I have booked an aisle seat though having only 2 aisles it can be difficult to get up and move when the crew are always busy doing something, there are small exercises you can do in your seat , raising legs, rotating your ankles, toe stretches, forward and back, arm raises over over your head to stretch etc, lots of good tips on you tube. Marilyn x

Hi ansaseeker. Hope you have a good trip and I will take a look On YouTube to find the exercises. It will be fun to amuse the other passengers on the flight. Not least my husband who should be doing them too.!!



Hi Margo,

We’ve just come back from Madeira and though it’s only 3.5 hours I still wear socks which I hate because they make my legs itch horribly initially!

Good post, will order online from the recommended company - hoping to go to Cape Town in 2020, my first long haul in 10 years so understand your

anxiety. I do however know lots of pvers who fly long haul, and my excellent mpn specialist assures me I’ll be fine, bless him.



I travel quite frequently, and always wear flight socks. My haematologist has advised me to get up hourly. On a long flight I do little exercises like stand on one leg and make a figure of eight with the other foot, rotate ankles etc. Drink every time they offer you a drink and have your own water bottle on top of that. Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea. Enjoy your trip 😊.

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