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Potassium Tips


Folks, I've been given this blasted Sando K (low potassium) to drink for the next 10 days - it is horrific. I already take 3 other liquid medications that are awful to take. Any thoughts on taking it and making it better than it currently is. I've tried orange squash however I need that much juice in the glass I am fearful my teeth might fall out!

Besides bananas dietry tips are welcome too...

Hope your all enjoying the change in weather. x

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I can’t think of anything that will make a big difference but having someone else add it for you In cold and/or citrus flavoured foods/drinks, such as frozen fruit juice and sorbets or honey and 100% fruit jams, cocoa, ice cream, sauce etc.. whatever your diet allows, but keep the volume of food or drink you are hiding the medicine small and quick to finish.

Good luck


Hi Chelle,

I had a look around and found this on WEBMD it lists food that are good source of potassium, hope,it helps. Scroll towards end of the page and it lists the food-


Wish you all the best


Chelle_ in reply to susieq75

Thanks Susieq. I shall have a look! x

Hi, try a straw, I had to take a solution whilst preparing for a colonoscopy. You will find you won’t taste your solution. Good luck.

Keep me posted

Ebot in reply to Wyebird

Very timely advice! Need to help my daughter prepare for a colonoscopy tomorrow. Shall add this to my resources!

Wyebird in reply to Ebot

Do telly me if it works for her. X

gbeam in reply to Ebot

When i had my Colonoscopy the only thing that helped me was to suck on an icepop after each mouthful, the cold in my mouth and flavour really worked. And definality a straw.

GrandmaDylan in reply to gbeam

I did exactly the same! A massive suck on the straw for as long as I could then retch and vomit some back. Sip of juice, good long suck on ice lolly then repeat. The only problem was that I had some of the ice lollies left (made with pure fruit juice..delish) but after this ordeal I couldn't face them again😊

Chelle_ in reply to Wyebird

Oh didn't know it was used for colonoscopies. I thought it was just a potassium medication. That's Interesting! I shall try with a straw! Thank you.

Wyebird in reply to Chelle_

No potassium is not used for a colonoscopy. Using a straw for any solution I find bypasses a lot of taste buds.

Chelle_ in reply to Wyebird

Lol. Ok that makes more sense! ha! Thank you!

Had a banana for breakfast every morning for past couple of years and have to say potassium levels really high now....sorry you having such a hard time, though. Best wishes, Tinkerbell

So sorry you have to take such awful medicines. I suffered with the reverse too much potassium. I was eating too many things high in potassium, particularly prunes, so maybe you could try mixing your medicine with prune juice - it might work for you as it is fairly strong tasting. Good luck and let us know if anything helps you. Love and hugs

Hi Chelle, just a thought but when my Potassium levels dropped when I was in my forties, and it caused me a few problems, although they gave me a slow K to take, I found that by taking a daily dose of nuts I.e Almonds, wulnuts, pecans, Brazil’s, hazelnuts. dried Apricots, bananas, nectarines, tomatoes, basically any yellow fruits that contain the natural potassium this for me really helped and eventually my levels came back to normal, and I was able to stop taking the slow K, but even now to this day I still take all these ingredients as part of my daily diet, and the levels are all normal .

This is just a thought but it works for me along with a good balanced diet, as a treat try eating the apricots with the almonds, this makes a nice treat and a good snack.

Hi. I take potassium pills 3 times a week. Perhaps you could too. There’s no unpleasant taste. But if you need to stay on the yucky tasting stuff you can try my trick. If you hold your nose closed you can’t taste anything so you could just take the necessary amount quickly while holding your nose & immediately drink a little something to kill the after taste. Good Luck. Katie.

Hight dose patassium is in NONI juces, I take in moning in full glas of water, Help me with migrene and blood pressure , never hight . You can google NONI , I take tru NONI becouse not fermented , and made from real fruit from Hawai.

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