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So fed up.

Am I frustrated, YES. Had no problem in the past getting holiday insurance for my MPN , Phoned bank today as thought we might get a wee break to Turkey. Big no no as I had a heart attack and diagnosed diabetic type 2 last Sept. Put me on to another company that specialises in heart conditions and all the were interested in was the MPN. which part do I have ? well no-one knows as it's always been unclassified . They then wanted me to ask GP , said he couldn't tell me, so ask you specialist, They cant tell me either so now they will send report to their doctor to make a decision. Don't even want to go now, so fed up. This THING is destroying my life bit by bit and so browned off with like at the moment.

Sorry for the rant but no-one knows better than the peps on here how I am feeling.

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:-( try another insurance company?


Hi sorry you are having trouble with finding hol ins and it's making you feel low. Have you tried Staysure ? I have ET Jak2+ and used them and found them to be very good. Might be worth a try . Don't give up on your hols

Good luck Jane


Try Staysure, prices are good too. X


I had Staysure annual travel insurance at relatively low cost for six years when I had ET but when this progressed to MF they put the price up to £600 for a single trip.

Found another broker company in Leamington who charge the same for a single trip for ten days as I used to pay Staysure for a whole year for the two of us.

Perhaps MPN Voice could open negotiations on our behalf to find a low cost alternative with an insurance company who really understands that we're not going to die or be seriously ill in the immediate future on holiday (we wouldn't be going if we felt that unwell) and that an MPN is not an excuse to make huge profits.



I've just used Saga, they were really good and great price. Also, for the same trip used them for my Dad who's had 2 heart attacks, has Diabetes, and numerous other illnesses. Did it online, no fuss.

I have PV and always used to insure through my bank, but like you they wanted so much information that I couldn't provide. So I went elsewhere and had a lovely trip!

Don't despair go elsewhere 😉



Staysure have an advert on tv that if you do it online you get 10% off. Worth a try as a new customer?

Jacqui 🤗


Try Insure and Go.



I had the same problem when I tried to upgrade my travel insurance with Staysure with whom I had annual travel insurance for several years without any claim. I have type 2 diabetes as well as my recently diagnose MF. They refused to insure me. Saga quote was extortionate

I was eventually insured for my 3 weeks in Greece with All Clear at a reasonable price compared to other quotes

Don't get too downhearted and enjoy your break



My sister in law had breast cancer and she used a comparison site called and got a good quote .

Hope you get sorted xx


Thank you everyone for your reply's. Update is..... after a day of phone calls, getting more frustrated and angry, also going into meltdown, I have now found a wonderful company called Travel Insurance 4 Medical. Spoke to a wonderful guy called Gary, who actually treated me like a human being and not robot that had to give yes or no answers.. Was very helpful in all aspects and I now have a weeks holiday insurance for £63.00. Everything covered and plenty of insurance cover including repatriation if needed. ( God forbid ). Holiday to Turkey with friends now booked and I aim to have lots of chill time in my swim up room.

Thanks again, I felt so much better knowing that I had you peeps to turn to in what was a very dark day. Having lost my father in Feb after a year of him fighting for his life after a stroke and just 3 weeks ago my mother-in-law, its all in all been the toughest year to bear.

Anne X


I have had the same problems and was advised to holiday in UK. Don't let it destroy you, I know it is difficult to accept and frustrating to feel travelling abroad is out of reach, I was told because of the mpn no pilot or captain of a ship would take the risk of me being aboard their craft. And whether I was accepted for travel insurance and airline tickets, I would still need permission from the pilot to fly me and the answer would be no. England is full of pretty places, just need to seek them out, true it is not the same, I am finding it difficult............2xxxxxxgood luck and best wishes Angelina

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