Hi everyone. Don' know what's happening with this machine. Have just sent a post to one of. Our friends - forget her name - but it doesn't appear to have gone through. Also have lost a lot of earlier posts! So hope some of you will read this,. I became very anxious after feeling terribly unwell for years without any support. I was prescribed Pregabalin for anxiety, and it's made such a difference. It could possibly help those of you who are feeling desperate and very tired. Hope you all get this and that I can remedy the problem with this darned machine. Let me know? All good wishes. Mary

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  • Glad it is helping you Mary. Pregabalin is prescribed for many things, epilepsy, anxiety and also nerve end pain. I have been on it for years, going from 150 twice daily to 300 twice daily. I am now at a comfortable 100 twice daily as a higher doze was making me a zombie. My nerve end pain that I was told it was this, it was that, it could be the other, I now realise that it was probably due to my MPN all along. . I hope it continues to lift you from the anxiety, long may it continue.


  • Hi Mary,

    Your thoughtful reply got to me OK. Sorry to have taken the best part of a day to respond, I'm in New Zealand so our days and nights may well be opposite. Best wishes, Peter

  • Hi Mary I have taken pregabalin for quite a while now. I take it for extremely painful restless legs. I am up to the maximum dose now. I also wear the Halcyon bracelets and they help too. My Doctor said it would help with my anxiety but I still suffer a lot with that. Maybe it is all connected to MF.

    That will be a question I ask Professor Harrison when I go to see her.

    Janet x

  • Pregabalin

  • Janet. Thanks for your message. Anxiety is very unpleasant isn't it. Would be interested to hear what you discover when you see Doc. Most of my anxiety is having to cope alone because of an unhelpful heamo andGPs who know nothing about ET? From what I've read so far there are so many ill-effects from our medical problems and I realise I've been suffering from most of them. I live alone and am very isolated so you can imagine how hard it's been. I think stress has been a contributing factor in all this. Am so glad to have become a member of the "family" and look forward to mutual support for all of us. Wishing you all the best and do let me know how your appointment goes. Mary.

  • Hi Mary I'm so sorry you feel alone. Where do you live? Could you make it to one of the forums?

    I will certainly let you know how my visit to professor Harrison.

    You take care

    Janet x

  • So glad it's not just me that suffers from anxiety 😳

    At the moment I don't take anything for it.

    Best wishes


  • Lizzie. Thank you so much for your reply. How do you deal with your anxiety without medication? All good wishes. Mary

  • I don't!! I take each day as it comes and try to think of good things - not always successfully!

    best wishes


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