Tingly Feet

Hey all,

I get tingly feet in the morning, mostly when I just wake up. Is there any way that I can prevent this from happening?

I am not taking any meds at the moment. My Dr. says that it would do more harm than good. My platelets are at 560, so its not too bad. Either way, I am trying to stay as comfortable as possible. I drink a lot of water, and I am exercizing at least 30 min a day. Is there anything else I can do?

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  • Hi Jessiefaith0717. You say that you're not on any medication, does that also include aspirin? A lot of people sware that aspirin alleviates the type of symptoms that you describe.

    After being on my feet at work my left foot used to severley 'burn' underneath the metatarsal/toe area next to my little toe. I thought it was related to having broken that toe years previously - but since I started taking aspirin it's improved dramatically, I'd say by around 95%, so I think the circulation to that area must have been compromised by the previous broken toe and then the related ET.

    Good Luck

    Mary xx

  • I haven't been taking aspirin because my doctor said that I didn't need it...but that why I plan on getting a second opinion.

  • Hi Jessie, i am afraid tingly feet are just one of the annoying symptoms of MPN. When i first went to my GP i kept telling her that when i walked my feet felt like there was a tingly barrier between my feet and the floor. She looked at me like i was nuts. Fortunately the Hydroxycarbomide has helped a lot and it's nowhere near as bad as it was. Hope you find some relief soon, take care, Jill x

  • Lately doctors have not been impressing me at all. Im glad hydroxycarbomide is helping you.

  • Hi Jessie, my platelets are about the same as yours. I'm Jak2+. I am on the occassional venesection and daily aspirin. Some mornings I have no tingles and sometimes it's really bad and I have to go for a 30 min walk which usually alleviates it. I don't have a bath or shower in the morning as it makes it worse and if I bath or shower in the evening I don't tingle! Weird I know. The only thing I can think that seems to bring it on is a sudden change in temperature, getting out from a warm bed into the cold which I did in a hurry this morning. I am going to experiment with making sure my legs, feet and ankles stay warm in the morning and see if it changes! Keep you posted on that one!


  • Hi Vanessa, I agree I feel that for me it also gets worse in the cold. Keep me updated!

  • I find keeping my sox on in bed really really helps.....not a particularly good look but who cares!!! Much love Poll x

  • Lol, that's probably true...too bad I get really hot at night, so I don't know if I could do the sock thing.

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