New granddaughter

New granddaughter

Phew !! busy few days looking after my grandson Cooper while his mummy was in hospital having her second child baby girl called Wren, the fatigue has been replaced by sheer joy, ever time I felt tired Cooper, just picked me up so much, I am surprised just how much looking after a three year old could keep you on your toes have loved every minute of it, not even given my ET a second thought.

Jean x

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  • Congratulations Jean, your sheer joy is clearly evident in that beaming smile.

    Mary x

  • Congratulations, you must be overjoyed. What a lovely pic.

    Just waiting for my granddaughter to make her entrance but she is keeping us all on tenterhooks.

  • Hope all goes well for them, is it her first? Sometime they do go over there due date.

  • Hi,

    Yes, it's her first. She was due last Thursday so they are taking her in tomorrow morning so hopefully she will be here by the evening.

    Enjoy your grandchildren, I certainly intend to enjoy my little granddaughter!

    Lots of love. 😘

  • Congratulations! What a "cure"! She's gorgeous. xx

  • Congratulations, she looks gorgeous!

  • Hello Jean, , can imagine just how you feel as I got a boost visiting my son, partner and 2 kids age 2half and 7 mths a week or so ago. It certainly is the best tonic so can imagine how your ET took a back seat.

    And as for your beautiful Grand-daughter well there's nothing that quite matches up to holding a newborn forgetting all your troubles and letting it all wash over you. That lovely clean (mostly lol) newborn smell, it's hard to pass them back to mum or dad until nappy change or natural feeding time of course.

    As Mary says your joy radiates out and rightly so. Thanks for sharing your happy news.

    Chris x

    PS lovely name too

  • Hi Chris, yes it is a tonic holding and looking after your grandchildren, they really do make me forget my problems.

    Was unsure about the name but it has grown on me (little bird) middle name is Emma, but the husband has added Happy 😀 As a third name, as the surname is Gilmour, bad enough with Coopers names his last name is Flash, as he dad grew up loving Flash Gordon.....

    Anyway still love them to bits funny names or not.

    Jean x

  • Very amusing. . Funny how family names are arrived at and nicknames oft favoured over birth name . . I think Wren is fine , I've heard a few 'different' or 'alternative' ones of late. Enjoy. Time flies. x

  • Yep I know Chris time does fly, and I suppose the older I get it goes even quicker, but am just enjoying the grandchildren they have a way of giving you such energy and a zest for life, and the beauty of it all is we can hand them back. 😃

    Jean x

  • Congratulations and what a lovely photo of you both xx

  • Not bad for an old bird I say, but thanks anyway Helen.


  • Many congratulations. Grandchildren are a precious gift that just keeps giving. Enjoy every moment x

  • Well took Cooper back to my daughter today and cooked them dinner which they were all grateful for, but now home and think I have hit a brick wall so going to bed early that should help.

    Also just seen on country file that it is going to very cold this week, so you people up north you all take care looks like you are going to get SNOW.

    Jean x

  • Congratulations Jean. Nothing like grandchildren to keep us young, they are just the best.

    Love Mel x

  • Your face says it all, congratulations x

  • Still cannot stop smiling 😁

  • Lovely post - lovely picture. Amazing how a new little life can make us forget our woes! My grandchild was born in the USA but they have since moved back to the UK so I get to be a real life "GranJan" instead of a face in an iPad! She, incidentally has Bay as one of her names to remember her birthplace in San Francisco! Enjoy your lovely family

    Best wishes, Jan

  • Thanks Jan, I love the name Bay, I have a friend who gave Bay as a name to her daughter as she was conceived in San Francisco, quite a few years ago now.

  • Tremendous news, congrats!! Katie

  • Thanks Katie

  • Part of a quiz on tv included the last one of Jamie Oliver kids which think is boy named River Rocket. . His daughters have alternative names : Daisy Boo, Poppy Honey and Petal Blossom - not too burdensome. And Beckham daughter Harper Seven. . . Stars seem to try outdo each other with their choices as I've heard some more unusual ones.

    We certainly haven't got anything to worry about with the choices our kids are making for theirs, , mine are Erin-Lily, Neive Marie and Eli James. . Safe ground ☺☺☺. . x

  • Oh but lovely names, and Eli James is a good strong name.


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