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I would like to thank Maz for making me aware of Dr Harrison. I attended her clinic today and I was amazed at the care provided by Dr Harrison and her team. It is a totally different experience to any previous Haematology clinic I have attended! I felt listened to and understood, my questions were answered and I was given a clear care plan. Having a named nurse who was very approachable and been offered Health psychological sessions are a bonus! Thanks again, I am very grateful.

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  • They really are amazing 😀 X

  • Where?

  • Guys Hospital, London

  • Hi did you have to get your doctor to refer you to guys I ask to go back to my hospital in havering in September and have got an app for 12 th may 2017 I did ring to change app told the earliest they can give me good to know you getting good care best wishes poppy

  • Hi, yes my GP referred me.

  • Thank you poppy

  • Hi Poppy

    My Haematologist referred me to Prof Harrison

  • Hi Capri52, you are more than welcome, I am so pleased to hear that your appointment went well, they are all lovely on the team in Guy's. Maz x

  • I was also at Guy's yesterday for my regular two monthly appointment - weren't they busy! I always arrive there with a feeling of security and always leave with a smile and bounce to my walk. I thank my lucky stars so often to be in the care of such a lovely, sympathetic and above all knowledgeable team. Bless them all.

    Linda x

  • Professor Harrison is the BEST!

  • Yes, they are a fab team there.

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