Sharp itch in feet

I have been having a sharp itch in my feet particularly at night time.  It is in my instep so I have been doing the best I can using the edge of the mattress as a scratching post during the night.  I also resort to standing on the cool tiled bathroom floor during the night but as I have high insteps, just cannot reach the spot.  Some time ago a chiropractor recommended Bio Freeze for my lower back pain.  I have put some on my feet for the past three nights and I am pleased to say it has worked really well.  Just thought I would share.  xx 

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  • Freezing is a bit drastic ,I found that just laying a cold wet face flannel on one foot then resting your other foot on top gets the same results. I usually get to sleep quite well after a few minutes. But the itching does drive you nuts. Mine dissappered after I had UVB treatment at hospital. Its a long process about six months in total but it works for another year,I have been told it is the blood condition that causes it it .

  • Oops, I should have explained that Bio Freeze is just a cooling gel.

  • I realised that lol. no one would just freeze your foot off .  But my method still stands, it works very well, nothing to loose try it and I know you wont get chilblains lol. good health. june

  • Thank you June.  I will certainly give it a go. x

  • Good idea - bio freeze !! I am plagued with water blisters on my feet. One turns into four on both feet. I take Hydrocycarbomode for ET.??

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