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A question I forgot to ask my haemotologist...  Does anyone know if there is any evidence that ET can be passed on one's children.


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I have heard several times that ET is not hereditary and there's no evidence to show a greater number of people with ET among those whose parents had it. In my family the only other member with a raised platelet count is the dog and I don't think she got it from me..! 😉

Hi Diane I have been also told by my haematoligist ET is not Hereditary. Lyn

No, it can't!

Thank you so much for all your replies..Diane

My understanding is that it is not directly inherited but there may be familial tendencies. e.g. I have ET progressed to MF and my cousin had CML. There are other cases of close relations having an MPN but it is not passed from parent to child directly 

I have ET and was told it was not hereditary, but my mother and brother have ITP and my maternal grandmother died of leukaemia. It makes you wonder if these are all connected genetically.

Hi I wonder this too. I have ET. My father had myeloma and grandfather had leukaemia   There seems to be some familial tendency maybe in the future a genetic link will be found 

ET is NOT hereditary, that is, it is not a 'characteristic' carried on a gene from either parent.  HOWEVER, it has been described as familial, meaning that some of us (including family members) are more susceptible to MPNs than others.  I'm no expert but I think this means some people are more susceptible to the JAK2 and CALR mutations.

To clarify, ET cannot be directly passed on, but there is evidence that people (within families) are more susceptible to ET than others, maybe because of their genetic makeup but also because of other things.  Again, we're counting on the research answering more and more of our important questions. . .

Take care, K 

When I was first diagnosed, I noticed the doctor had put a comment on the paper saying 'Mother had PV', which she did! though I was assured it was coincidence....however, I do find there are quite a few who do have a 'familial' connection and did suggest to the haematologist a while back that some research could be done in this regard. She wasn't very keen and I got the impression they are all too busy! Best wishes Tinkerbell13

Yes thats my understanding too, not heriditary but some families may be more prone than others, as both myself and my sister have an MPN i tend to believe that may be true. What I would say is that this seems to be very rare, in fact i bet out of everyone on this forum only a very small minority have a family member also with an MPN.

Spirit123 in reply to Paul42

I have had ET for a few years and my Brother has PV. My dad had leukaemia.

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