Pegasys - more good news

Saw my haem yesterday and pleased to hear that my platelets are stable at 333, with other counts and tests OK and no significant side effects, so I'm reducing the frequency of injections to once every 4 weeks. Their clinic now has 45 ET and PRV patients on Pegasys, with very good results and they are publishing their study findings at a haematology congress next week. I'll post the details on here once they are officially published. We're also hoping to start a patient forum here in Leicester, initially maybe for those of us on Pegasys, but hopefully we can expand it to everyone after that. Again I'll post more details as soon as I can - watch this space..! 

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  • That sounds good news. Do you know if Pegasys has positive effects on spleen size?


  • Hi Paul - I don't really know the answer to that but have seen references to it, so definitely worth following up if that's an issue for you

  • Good news! 😄

  • That's great news.  Kind regards Aime x😺

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