Big toe trauma

I`ve just spent an hour with my GP who was puzzled by the state of my right toe which over the past 5 days has got steadily worse, looking now as though it has been severely trodden on with blood accumulating under the nail and looking very strange. The left one appears to be following suit and neither toe has had a knock, its just happened. Doc sent me to A & E for them to drain the fluid which now appears was a waste of time as nothing was forthcoming. Seems really odd to have the same thing happening to the same toe on different feet!! And of course I blame the ET. Has anyone else suffered this phenomenon?

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  • Hi Sksar, funny you should say that I have very sore big toes , have done fir some time now ,they look brused under the toenail , I also have ET , not sure if this is of any help but , hope you get sorted real soon ,

    From Pam :)

  • I have not suffered this exact condition, but the first sign of my PV condition was a swollen right toe, There was no infection, very little pain and it would come and go based upon a variety of things but never completely went away. I also had swelling of the two small toes on my left foot. Doctors treated the big toe problem with antibiotics and told me to soak it. Now that I know about my PV condition and have read up about gout like symptoms and understand that I produce to much blood it makes sense.

  • This was one of my first symptoms of PV. No GP I consulted knew what it was nor what to do. It got so bad that I had excruciating pain in both big toes and could not stand the pain of a sheet over my toes. Please go at once to your haematologist. When I was at last referred she knew at once what was wrong, my PV was diagnosed and as well as hydroxy, aspirin etc I was prescribed Allopurinol, normally used to treat gout and my toe problem cleared and I no longer have to take this drug. Maz and MPN Voice are trying their best to educate GPs but as they say, you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink. A while back there was a good piece in MPD voice by a suffered which you should read by a patient who was suffering this way. He was quite a young man. Please also give your GP this information. Another instance of patients suffering unnecessarily through the ignorance of some trusted professionals.

    Kind regards.

  • Thanks so much for all your replies. Its so comforting to know of other people`s experiences when things are not going well. I am awaiting a call from haematology department, as I have given up on the GP surgery even though they said to contact them if I needed to. As others have pointed out on this site, GP`s have very limited knowledge when it comes to MPN`s. A & E wrapped my toes up so don`t know what is going on there (maybe that's the idea)!!

  • Good luck Skar, this definately needs attention, hopefully you are being treated by now? I had 2 years of big toe trouble just before being diagnosed with ET. They got discoloured one nail fell off, one got badly infected and had to be pulled off and then I was admitted to hospital as my toe/foot was swollen and burning. It was painful to the point of delerium. Try and get yourself treated before it gets to this!

  • Thanks Malachy I rang my Haem yesterday and she thinks it will be gout but wants me to have a blood test to confirm. I`m at the hospital to see her on Tuesday so I`m hoping to get sorted then. Nothing like being told you have gout to make you feel young and attractive!!! - I wish.

  • Good luck on Tuesday and keep us posted! Your right, gout does not help us to feel our most attractive

  • Found this very interesting. Just this week I finally said to my husband whatever has happened to my big toe. I didn't knock it, drop anything on it etc. but first it looked a bit strange and then all of a sudden half my toe was filled with blood under the nail. I read in one answer about being given Allopurinol. Well I take Hydroxy, Aspirin, and Allopurinol already. Would love to find out what it is. I will follow this lead with added interest!!!

  • Thanks for your comments Burddery. Your experience and description follows mine exactly. I was hoping Allopurinol would be the answer but it not may not be if your case is anything to go by. Will keep you posted as to what the experts decide to do with me.

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