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Extending HealthUnlocked on Patient Power

We have just added a feed from this HealthUnlocked community to our CLL Community home page at: . So now any posts you put on HU may also be seen by about 5,000 more people on We are very appreciative of the partnership with the MPD Voice and HU. If we all work together we can accelerate change in CLL.

Best Wishes, Andrew Schorr, living with MF since 2011, Seattle

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Bump. This is not the same post that I came across last night, but that one doesn't seem to have bumped up. One reason it is important to lock your posts and perhaps go back to see if your past posts are locked, or your comments are under an unlocked post. I wish we could have a pinned post warning everyone, especially newcomers, about this. Putting the option to indicate community only basically out of sight and having everyone as the default, in my opinion, is one reason that I tend to not be very active here.



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